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Matooka Moonbear, HPS

Matooka MoonBear is the Pisces lead minister and an Ordained Minister and High Priestess of the Temple of Witchcraft who has  journeyed an Earth-based spiritual path since the late 1980s, from Native American ways to Pagan. In 1989, she opened a seasonal metaphysical shop over her garage and named it MorningStar Loft. It was at that [...]

Tim T., HP

Tim is a High Priest and the Temple’s Capricorn lead minister, located in southern California.  He offers rites of passage services: weddings/handfastings, baby blessings, home blessings, and funerals. Contact:

Gwen Owen, HPS

Gwen Owen, MSW, LCSW, HPS came to the craft by way of Spiritualism. She was born as the third generation of Spiritualists who studied and worshipped in Lily Dale, NY. While Gwen enjoyed being from Spiritualist family, she longed for a deeper connection to the meaning, and science of life. To understand what the connection is that we [...]

Simon Hewett, HP

Simon (he/him) is Gemini Ministry Deputy for Information Technologies, known as the “Temple Tech Witch” helping maintain our information infrastructure. In addition to Gemini Ministry, Simon is Sagittarius Ministry Deputy working closely with the Temple Mystery School in maintaining their online classes, and mentoring a handful of students each year. A former Deputy of Cancer [...]

Virginia Ann Villarreal, HPS

Virginia’s Native American heritage and her love for magick has lead her to study with many traditions before coming to Temple in 2008. Over 35 years  looking for the right tradition lead her to study with a Dianic coven, a Sumerian Tradition, a Welsh Witchcraft Tradition and Walking the Medicine Wheel with a Native American [...]

Stevie Grant, HPS

A high priestess and ordained minister of the Temple of Witchcraft, Stevie is Dean of Students of its Mystery School and Seminary. In addition to her training in the Temple tradition and service to other Temple ministries, Stevie brings with her over 25 years of experience as a spiritual counselor, psychic and metaphysical healer, Reiki [...]

Rachael Mueller, HPS

Rachael Mueller is a witch, occultist, shaman and teacher.  Her graduate work was in Religious Studies and Philosophy and has a passion for the vocation of a Witch and community.   She began ministry work over 20 years ago and has been an ardent student of spirituality and religions since childhood.  She has studied with [...]

Lisa K., HPS

Ordained Minister, Aquarius Deputy Minister Services: Public events, house blessings Contact:

Karen Ainsworth, HPS

Karen Ainsworth is a High Priestess and Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft, working within the Sagittarius Ministry as the Assistant Dean for the Mystery School. Based in the UK, Karen first met Christopher when he invited her to join Temple members in a ritual for the Ancestors at Stonehenge, UK, in 2011. Karen [...]

Mentor Spotlight: Jameson Ford

In its continuing Mentor Spotlight series The Temple Bell is highlighting mentor Jameson Ford. Nominated by his student Kurt, who tells us he was “initially apprehensive about having a mentor younger than me, his (Jameson’s) knowledge and experience of the work quickly put me at ease and it has been a joy to watch him [...]

Ministerial Profile: Leslie Hugo, Capricorn lead minister

Leslie Hugo is a Shaman, Usui Reiki Master, High Priestess and Ordained Minister in the Temple of Witchcraft. As the Volunteer Pagan Minister for the Utah Department of Corrections, she works with close to 200 inmates in four facilities who identify as Wiccan, Asatru or pagan.  She provides spiritual counseling, teaches Reiki and Wiccan classes [...]

Ministerial Profile: Silver Lyons, Cancer lead minister

Silver Lyons is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui and Shamballa traditions, ordained minister, Seminary graduate with the Temple of Witchcraft, initiated and ordained High Priestess, and a graduate of the Eye of the Eagle two-year Shamanic Healer Training Program with Leontine Hartzell. Answering the call of Spirit at a young [...]

Mentor Spotlight: Virginia Ann Villarreal

The next in our Mentor Spotlight series is newly graduated High Priestess Virginia Ann Villarreal. Nominated by three of her mentees, Hannah, Jacki, and Debbie, they tell us that, “Virginia, embodies the best qualities of encouragement and challenge while also expressing faith in those she mentors.” Starting her mentorship of Hannah and Debbie in the aftermath of “Super [...]

Mentor Spotlight: Elsa

For our third installment of the Mentor Spotlight, The Temple Bell presents Elsa—Lead Minister of the Scorpio Ministry. Her student Helen O’Hara, tells us that she is “a sensitive and empathic individual who can ‘read between the homework lines’… she also is a wonderful combination of cheerleader, devil’s advocate and Mother Superior.” Ms. O’Hara tells us [...]

Student Spotlight: Aurielle Nazro

Please join the Temple community in celebrating Aurielle Nazro, who was chosen not only for our Student Spotlight feature, but who graduated from Witchcraft Five on March 21st and was initiated as a ministerial member of the Temple of Witchcraft. Aurielle completed Witchcraft One with Alix Wright and the remaining four classes with Christopher Penczak, [...]

Mentor Spotlight: Irmalyn Hackett

“Part of my W2 lesson…is about becoming an ‘Ambassador for the Kingdom of Witchdom’ and by perfect example, I give you Irma Hackett,” says Karen Ainsworth a student that Irma is mentoring. This edition of The Temple Bell’s Mentor Spotlight focuses on Irmalyn Hackett, a 5th year student who also has written The Herb Garden [...]

Mentor Spotlight: Steve Kenson

Along with our Student Spotlight, The Temple of Witchcraft felt that our Mystery School mentors deserved equal time so The Temple Bell is proud to announce our new Mentor Spotlight! To open our new series here at The Bell we find it quite fitting that the first mentor to be highlighted is one of the three [...]

Student Spotlight: Dragon

Please welcome Dragon to our Student Spotlight! She is a Witchcraft III student with Alix Wright, who was also her Witchcraft I and II teacher. In her recommendation, Alix said of Dragon, “She is fully supportive of everyone in her class, while honoring and maintaining her own practice. She created Shadow Journals for her class [...]

Student Spotlight: Silver Lyons

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Student Spotlight: Karen Ainsworth

This edition of the Student Spotlight brings us Karen Ainsworth, a Witchcraft Two graduate from England, soon be be enrolled in Witchcraft Three through the Temple’s Online Mystery School. Karen’s mentor, Irma Hackett, had this to say about her: “I have had the honor, the pleasure and the blessing of mentoring Karen during her TOW studies both in [...]

Student Spotlight: Daedalus

Our Student Spotlight shines the first light of 2014 on Daedalus (also known as Bob Hackett), who explains, “The guy you see out on the street or setting up chairs and tables in the hall is usually Bob. The person who is fully engaged in Magick in all its forms is most likely Daedalus. If [...]

Ministerial Profile: Alix Wright, Secretary and Pisces lead minister

Alix is the Lead Minister of Pisces, the Ecstatic. As the Pisces lead minister Alix oversees public rituals, including Esbats and Sabbats. She has been leading public rituals for over ten years. She is a Shamballa Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master, reads tarot, and does energy and guided meditative healing sessions. Alix was born in [...]

Student Spotlight: Darryl McGlynn

Our Student Spotlight shines this week on Darryl McGlynn. Darryl has completed Witchcraft III in the online Mystery School and is enrolled in Witchcraft IV. His mentor, Silver Lyons, said in her recommendation: “Darryl has been, truly, an ideal student: curious, determined, motivated, disciplined. He’s a seasoned practitioner on the path, but came into WI [...]

Ministerial Profile: Stevie Grant, Dean of Students

Stevie Grant is Dean of Students of the Temple and an ordained deputy minister of the Sagittarius ministry. She oversees class registration, mentor and teaching assistant activities, and general student body morale, troubleshoots problems within the Mystery School and Seminary, and offers personal student support. She also supervises the Healing Case Study Group for Temple [...]

Student Spotlight: Justin Gaudet

This edition of The Temple’s Student Spotlight features Justin Gaudet, a Witchcraft II student in the online Mystery School. Justin’s Mentor Steve Kenson said in his nomination, “Justin is a great example of what I hope will be the next generation of the Temple’s priesthood. He is a talented psychic, works his Craft with passion, [...]

Ministerial Profile: Nicole, Libra lead minister

The Libra Ministry’s Lead Minister is Nicole D., a 2003 graduate of the Mystery School and a member of the Temple community since its inception. Libra Ministry is responsible for mediation services within the Temple community; advanced education for Ministerial members — typically non-magickal; and press relations. Raised in a fairly progressive household, Nicole began [...]

Student Spotlight: Erica Baron

This edition of the Student Spotlight features Erica Baron — Erica is a Witchcraft IV student in the online Mystery School. She was nominated by her mentor, Steve Kenson, who said that Erica “has shown consistent, steady progress and deep dedication to both her work in the Mystery School and her work as a professional [...]

Ministerial Profile: Lisa, Aquarius lead minister

The Aquarius Lead Minister, Lisa, has been a Pagan since the late ’90s, but it’s not a path that happened suddenly. As a child, she spent more time in the woods & water than at home, but it’s where she was happiest and, as she got older and attended a small private Catholic College in [...]

Student Spotlight: Varuni

In this, our first Student Spotlight feature, we introduce Varuni, a Witchcraft I student in the online Mystery School. Varuni was nominated to us by her Witchcraft I mentor, Erica Baron, who wrote in her recommendation, “Varuni has strong gifts in the realms of sensing energy and healing.  To me, Varuni exemplifies the Temple’s mission [...]

Ministerial Profile: Matooka MoonBear

Matooka MoonBear has been on an Earth-based spiritual path since the late 1980s, from Native American ways to Pagan. For over 20 years, she has worked with animals in a spiritual way on many levels. Their powerful medicine taught her how to use their bodies and call on their spirit to create strong medicine that [...]

Ministerial Profile: Elsa Elliott, Scorpio lead minister

Elsa Elliott is the Lead Minister of Scorpio, the role of the Guardian. The Scorpio ministry provides support in the areas of death and dying, bereavement, and ancestor honoring. This ministry also works in the area of Sacred Sexuality which is lead by deputy minister Wren. Scorpio ministers offer services including comfort and assistance to the [...]

Ministerial Profile: Adam Sartwell, Founder and Virgo lead minister

Adam Sartwell is one of the three founders of the Temple of Witchcraft, along with his partners, Steve Kenson and Christopher Penczak. Gifted with psychic talents from a young age, as a teenager, Adam experienced a recurring dream about his own death, leading him to study religion and spirituality and leading him to the study [...]

Ministerial Profile: Steve Kenson, Founder & Gemini lead minister

Steve Kenson is a Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft with his partners, Christopher Penczak and Adam Sartwell, holding the Three Rays of Love, Will & Wisdom. Steve is also lead minister of the Gemini Ministry, in charge of the Temple’s communication networks, its Queer Spirit ministry, and the “insubordinate” or questioning aspect of its [...]

Ministerial Profile: Christopher Penczak, Founder & Sagittarius lead minister

Christopher Penczak is a Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft, along with his partners in both life and love, Steve Kenson and Adam Sartwell. While originally a professional in the music industry, with a degree in vocal performance and music business, his path led him to working with others through divination, healing, and teaching meditation [...]

Deborah Stelhorn, HPS

Debbie Stellhorn is a High Priestess, Ordained Minister of the Temple of Witchcraft. She works as a Deputy in the Sagittarius Ministry and is the Temple’s Fundraising Coordinator.  She co-teaches classes in the Sagittarius Ministry on the topics of the Mighty Dead and Psychology applied to Magick.  Debbie has been a member of the Temple [...]