Temple of Witchcraft membership is divided amongst three main categories: General, Honored and Ministerial. Complete details on Temple membership can be found in the Temple of Witchcraft Handbook.

General Membership

General Membership of the Temple includes anyone who attends at least three official Temple of Witchcraft events and seeks to be an active member in the community. General membership is also extended to students of the Pillars of the Witches Temple online course. We offer a special consecration for general members at our sabbats (and sometimes other public rituals). Please inquire with the ritual celebrant—ideally before the ritual—if it is your third Temple event.

Honored Membership

Those currently enrolled in (or graduates of) the Mystery School are considered Honored Members of the Temple, including all past students from the Temple of Witchcraft training before the establishment of the formal organization.

Ministerial Membership

Graduates of the Seminary actively involved in the ministerial work of the Temple are Ministerial Members.

Ordained Ministers

Graduates of the Temple Seminary are eligible to apply for ordination with the Temple. The Temple of Witchcraft Handbook outlines this process and provides an application. Ordained Temple ministers are able to legally perform religious rites such as marriages, so long as their maintain their good-standing within the organization.

Temple of Witchcraft