The Pillars of the Witches Temple

A pillared temple with the Temple sigil between its pillars and the Sagittarius Ministry sigil above its doorway.

A 20-lesson Foundation in the Temple Tradition of Witchcraft

with Christopher Penczak

$375 for 20 lessons • enroll immediately using the Pillars of the Witches Temple product in the Temple Class Store.

  • Lesson One • The Temple: Energy, Soul, and Cosmos
  • Lesson Two • The Gates: Trance, Meditation & Journey
  • Lesson Three • The Courtyard: Festivals & Mythos
  • Lesson Four • The Lake: Purification & Protection
  • Lesson Five • Walls of the Temple: The Elements
  • Lesson Six • Hypostyle Hall: The Altar & Magick Circle
  • Lesson Seven • Observatory: Astrology
  • Lesson Eight • The Oracle: Divination
  • Lesson Nine • Library: Spells and Written Magick
  • Lesson Ten • Second Hall: Shrines to the Gods
  • Lesson Eleven • Temple Lamps: Candle Magick
  • Lesson Twelve • Home: Household Spirits
  • Lesson Thirteen • Tomb: Ancestral Magick
  • Lesson Fourteen • Farm, Garden, & Orchard: Living Magick
  • Lesson Fifteen • Kitchen: Food Magick
  • Lesson Sixteen • House of Life: Healing Magick & Potions
  • Lesson Seventeen • Workshops: Charms, Art, and Magickal Crafts
  • Lesson Eighteen • Behind the Temple: Illicit Magick
  • Lesson Nineteen • Wilderness: Magick of the Landscape
  • Lesson Twenty • Sanctuary, the Holy of Holies: Initiation & Tending the Temple

Using the metaphor of the ancient temple complex and its many parts as a focus for magick and spirituality, experience an intensive overview of the science, art, and mystery religion of the Witch through the traditions of the Temple of Witchcraft. Enter through the gates and open the gates of trance magick and meditation. Explore each chamber and learn different philosophies, techniques, symbols, rituals, and ways of integrating the holy arts of the Witch into your life.

A new way of learning and practicing the Temple of Witchcraft tradition outside of the formal structure of our Mystery School, this course gives you an overview of key practices and concepts.

Structured as a go-at-your-own-pace course, spend as much time in any of the temple chambers as you wish before moving into the next. Simply complete one lesson to gain access to the next.

Video instruction with guided meditations and exercises from Christopher, written PDF Lessons for each module, links to Temple resources and articles, and a Discord forum for student-to-student conversation. Includes:

  • Over 200 page manual for the twenty lessons composed of both original material and adapted material from the Temple of Witchcraft series and the Temple of Witchcraft Book of Shadows as well as Christopher’s books, articles, poetry, rituals, and years of class notes and hand-outs.
  • 50 Exercises of various rituals and meditations from each lesson.
  • Over 25 formulas and spells.
  • Links to over 30 additional articles from the Temple website encouraging deeper thought on the lessons.
  • Over 30 additional audio or video recordings beyond the 20 lesson videos, of supplemental meditations from the Temple of Witchcraft archives!

While rooted in a specific system, this is an excellent course for anyone seeking inspiration in their own personal practice and in particular a guide to working further in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition, as it draws on material from all five degrees of the Temple of Witchcraft’s Mystery School and beyond, synthesizing a thorough introduction to the work.

Successful completion of this course grants General Membership in the Temple of Witchcraft for those who choose to join. Homework is self-reviewed and students are encouraged to return to past lessons for review to deepen their understanding, integrating a daily practice with only the final lesson sent in for confirmation of membership.

Not just for those new to the Temple or to Witchcraft. Current initiates are also welcome to join if looking for a refresher to the teachings in a new context or helping synthesizing a new practice or deepening older practices.

Required Reading

Foundations of the Temple

Recommended Reading

The Casting of Spells
The Lightning of Candles
The Inner Temple of Witchcraft
The Outer Temple of Witchcraft
The Gates of Witchcraft

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