The Work of The Nine Witches in Britain

An eclectic journey of Goddesses, Myths, and Living Legends

Three stories of Myth
Three stories of a Goddess
Three stories of those who walked on this Earth

The call of the Nine Witches urges us to listen and take their lessons to heart.
For the betterment of all.
For the healing of the Witch-Soul.

$195 course fee • online application form

Join Temple High Priestess Karen Ainsworth on an exciting journey of exploration with Nine Witches in Britain. Where will the path take you? Who will step forward for each? Only you hold the answers.

Each class is experiential, their source and inspiration manifesting from the work of The Three Rays and The Society of the Temple of Witchcraft. In each, you will learn about different sacred sites and those who have influenced and made an impression on the world today. You will also be guided to meet with an archetypal witch, and that witch might be different for us all. Sharing your experiences is highly encouraged, either with the group or privately if you prefer, but is equally not mandatory. It’s in sharing that we learn more of these archetypes and how they might work with us as individuals and a community too.

For Temple ministers seeking accreditation, this class is worth 3 CEUs on completion and the submission of a brief paper summarizing their work.

Beginning in August 2024, class dates are as follows:

Saturday 3rd August 2024: “She Who Teaches Mysteries”
Introduction and Welcome – The Ritual of the Nine Witches, Nine Maidens Stone Circle, Dartmoor

Saturday 24th August 2024: “She Who Teaches Protection”
The Lady of the Lake, St Nectans Glen

Saturday 28th September 2024: “She Who Teaches Love”
The Divine Feminine, Glastonbury

Saturday 26th October 2024: “She Who Teaches Prosperity”
The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, London

Saturday 16th November 2024: “She Who Teaches Power”
The Life and Times of the Suffragettes

Saturday 7th December 2024: “She Who Teaches Visions”
Elen of the Way; From Richmond Park to Fountains Abbey

Saturday 4th January 2025: “She Who Teaches Healing”
Cerridwen; Lake Bala

Saturday 15th February 2025: “She Who Teaches Spirit”
Doreen Valiente; The Rollrights Stone Circle

Saturday 8th March 2025: “She Who Teaches Justice”
The Pendle Witches; Healing for the Witch Soul of the World

All classes will be held online via Zoom video conferencing at 11:00am EST on the given dates, so please adjust for your time-zone accordingly. Each session is expected to last around 75–90 minutes and will be recorded and shared along with a PDF of the slides. A private Facebook group will also be created in which to share and exchange any thoughts and questions you have.

The total price for these classes is $195 and a deposit of $50 will secure your place. Any remaining balance must be paid in full by Monday, 15 July 2024.

Payment should be made via the Temple Class Store. Registration closes Monday 15th July 2024, so be sure to save your place now. Any questions, please email [email protected].

Why not join me on this exciting new adventure in time? I look forward to seeing you there!

Temple of Witchcraft