In Memoriam

“What is remembered lives.”

Wall with six shelves, showing photos and mementoes of departed ancestors.

Ancestor altar at the Temple of Witchcraft

This page serves as a virtual altar and memorial specifically to those direct members of the Temple of Witchcraft community who have crossed the veil. We honor many spiritual ancestors, allies, and beloveds, and in particular here we honor those who have participated and served in the Great Work of our Temple community. These fellow Witches were our companions on the path in life and in magick going on before us. They now help guide the way in wisdom from the otherworld, joining the long line of ancestors we venerate throughout the year in our community. May they continue to guide us as we honor them. If any have been unintentionally omitted, please email s[email protected] with further information.

If you would like to welcome and honor them, light a candle in their name upon your own ancestral or personal altars. Offer them a glass of clear cool water blessed by your love. Make offerings of aromatic incense and oils, of delicious food, drink, and sweets with good intent. Invite them to participate in your unfolding magickal life in a manner that is for the greatest good, harmining none, if they are able and desire to at this time.

What is remembered lives.

Rosalie Penczak

(May 5, 1944 – May 3, 2011), Mother to the Temple

Rosalie Penczak, mother to Temple co-founder Christopher Penczak, was responsible for hosting the Samhain community gatherings for thirteen years in her home in Salem, NH, forming the nucleus of what would grow into the Temple of Witchcraft community. A second degree initiate of the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft, she avidly explored past lives and spirit communication, and her craft focused deeply on the hearth and home, and merged with the Italian folk practices of her childhood, reset in a modern Witch’s framework. More about Rosalie can be found in the Ancestors of the Craft book.

Deb King

(July 11, 1953 – March 3, 2010 ), IIº Initiate

Deborah King was an early student in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and served the community working as an EMT, often serving on dangerous routes, telling those who asked that she “saw everything” in that job. Her practice wove together regional folklore and she was fascinated by stories and experiences with ghosts, with divination through cards and healing. More about Deb can be found in the Ancestors of the Craft book.

Jane Y. Rojek

(March 29, 1947 – February 13, 2011), Vº Initiate and High Priestess

Jane Rojek served her community and family as a mail carrier in New Hampshire. She was both an avid hunter and loving of all animals, taking in strays and paradoxically to some embodying the cycle of life. Studying mysticism and healing extensively and was a graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft teaching and initiated High Priestess before the official founding of the organization of the Temple, one of the early classes taught in Salem, NH. Much of her magick was focused in herbs and gardening and she created a pentagram elemental garden as her final project. Her daughter Christine shared one of her wisdoms as “Be who you are, not who others want you to be” and “Stop looking for reasons to be offended” espousing tolerance, charity, and forgiveness of people’s faults. More about Jane can be found in the Ancestors of the Craft book.

Paul Shortis

(September 13, 1952 – July 13, 2012), IIIº Initiate

Paul Shortis was an accomplished magician and Witch, working at the, and active in the Florida Pagan communities co-hosting the Orlando Witches’ Workroom and hosting Temple of Witchcraft study groups of students and seekers. “Papa Bear” is sorely missed by the Orlando community and his influence lives on. Hailing from England, his memorial was held on the Glastonbury Tor.

Kendra “Kay” Radebaugh

(June 1, 1967 – October 1, 2015), Vº Initiate and High Priestess

Kay was both a second degree initiate of the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft and a High Priestess in the Temple, visiting New England often and active in the metaphysical community of  New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Nathan “Nate” Smith

(May 8, 1989 – May 21, 2017), IIIº Initiate

Nathan Smith was a beloved member of the New Hampshire Temple of Witchcraft community, avidly attending classes and events with a particular interest in ancient Egypt. He worked in retail as well as a local farm. Nathan was a huge fan of the world of Harry Potter, with his favorite quote from Dumbledore being, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets]

Wickie Stamps

(February 14, 1950 – December 29, 2017), Iº Initiate

Wickie Stamps was an adventuresome seeker and an enthusiastic student in the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School, where she was a first-degree initiate. Wickie was a writer, avid blogger on,  and art director, known for Foucault Who? (2002) and BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes, and Sadomasochism (1995).

Regina Garnet D’Anca

(January 6, 1950 – Dec 29, 2017), General Member

Garnet was a bold and active long-time Temple of Witchcraft community member in the greater Boston area, studying magick, occultism, and in particular, Celtic Spirituality. She was the owner of Brisigamen Kraft, Unique handcrafted necklaces inspired by myth and nature, and a former Vice President/e-Commerce development at JP Morgan Chase.

Patricia Ann Lampkin

(February 3, 1963 – March 23, 2018), IIº Initiate 

Patricia (Trish) Ann Lamkin was born in Frankfurt, Germany on February 3, 1963. She moved to McComb, MS when she was 14. She was reared in a Methodist church. The “Biblical contradictions, hypocrisy, and overt sexism” always troubled Trish and in early adulthood, she found Paganism – a path she would follow for the remainder of her life in this incarnation. Initially following a solitary Wiccan path, she joined in community Sabbat celebration for the first time at Beltane 2013. Trish quickly became an active and valuable contributing member of our community. Trish was a multitalented and gifted singer, songwriter, musician, editor, and playwright. She received her B.A. in Theatre from Millsaps College in Jackson, MS in 1985 and later received an M.F.A. in Acting from the University of Southern Mississippi. Trish Lamkin never stopped learning and was eager to explore new ideas. She attended her last ritual with our community at Imbolc 2018 where she sang a song she wrote in honor of her matron goddess, Brigid.

Wyllow Oakswood (Leigh Jameson)

(July 10, 1961 – June 22, 2018), Iº Initiate

A second degree initiate of the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft and first in the Temple of Witchcraft, Wyllow was a lifelong student of magick and deeply involved in the Boston LGBTQ community, frequently matching in Boston Pride.

Deb Brown

( – August 31, 2018), General Member 

Deb Brown was an active member of the Temple, known for her humor, serving as Aquarius Deputy Minister and instrumental in the early years of Templefest. She studied at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She is the author of The Safety Witch: An Allegory of the Modern Soul, under the name D.B. Treske.

Gloria Jean Soth Lorleberg 
(Glory Soth)

October 19, 1958 – September 18, 2019), IIIº Initiate

Beloved “Witch of the North”,  Gloria embodied the depth and breadth of what it means to walk the Path of the Witch – both deeply compassionate and demanding, all who knew her are far richer for the experience.  Gloria had completed the 3rd Degree and was just embarking on the 4th degree when she crossed the veil following a valiant effort with cancer.  She brought laughter and learning to all of us.  Even in her passing, as her Sisters and Brothers in the Craft gathered at her bedside, she taught us the love and deep meaning of our Path.  Her greatest loves were, and are, her husband Tom and Greatest Miracle, her daughter Valerie.  She is always with us and continues the Great Work.

David J. Erwin (‘Chimiel)

(June 3, 1966 – July 13, 2021), Vº Initiate, High Priest and Ordained Minister 

An avid scholar, David had a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Providence College, and a Master of Divinity through the Order of Preachers. He served the community as a clinical therapist for The Providence Center-Kent Hospital and in the capacity of a healer and High Priest in the metaphysical communities, as a Reiki Master, ordained minister and owner of Anam Cara, a company providing vibrational and aromatherapy products, often vending at community gatherings. He was particularly active in the Robin’s Nest community. David served the Temple community on the Council of Light Bearers and a deputy to Virgo’s healing ministry, celebrant,  and a teaching assistant in the Mystery School. His was best known for his beautiful and wicked sense of humor matched by his wisdom and compassion.

Bernice Barrett

(November 1, 1968 – Novevember 12, 2021), General Member 

Bernice Barrett was a first degree student when she passed, and was avidly involved in the Temple’s Colorado community gatherings and celebrations. Bernice enthusiastically volunteered, serving on many non-profit boards and was deeply involved in her children’s sports teams, Veterans services and support systems for women and children at risk.

Tabetha Bounsall Berry

(November 23, 1972 – April 16, 2022), General Member 

Tabetha Bounsall Berry was a remarkably magickal, loving, and supportive person, sharing her talents through her psychic gifts and magickal crafts through her business, The World Tree Online, an avid online and in-person (when in the area) community member, and as an organ donor, saved the lives of at least six people with her generosity. In particular she had a special relationship with the gnomes and faerie beings, citing clearing up trash from nature as our “gnome tax.” Tabetha served in the US Army, and was deeply devoted to her family. She loved to go on adventures, fulfilling her lifelong dream of traveling the country extensively with her husband Ron in their RV, visiting unusual and sacred places.

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