Q: How do I become a member of the Temple of Witchcraft?

A: To become a General Member, simply attend three official events of the Temple of Witchcraft and make sure you check in at the start of the event so your attendance is logged. To become an Honored Member, enroll in the Mystery School to attend courses in person or online. To become a Ministerial Member, graduate from the Seminary and fulfill all requirements. If you have previously taken Witchcraft I-IV courses with Christopher Penczak or another accredited Temple teacher, then you qualify as an Honored Member, and if you have graduated from Witchcraft V, you qualify as a Ministerial Member. If you are a previous graduate of these courses and wish to register your membership with the Temple, please email [email protected] for more information.

Q: Are there any dues to be paid to be a member of the Temple of Witchcraft?

A: No. Membership is based upon your level of commitment to various organizations in the Ministerial Church, Mystery School, and Seminary, with each having different classes of membership. To be a member you simply have to attend three official events, which may or may not have class fees or suggested donations, but there are no yearly or regular membership dues to be a General Member of the Temple.

Q: Do I have to be a Witch to be a member? 

No, though the Temple’s events and teachings focus on modern Witchcraft. Members who identify as Pagan, Neopagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Witch, Magician, Shaman, or other Earth-reverent identity will feel most at home. Those who identify as Polytheist, Spiritual, New Age, Non-Dogmatic, Gnostic, Theosophical, Interfaith, Healer or Light-Worker may also find resonance with some of the teachings and events. All honest spiritual seekers are welcome.

Q: What is expected of me at rituals and events? 

A: We ask only that attendees come with an open mind and open heart, and follow our Ritual Etiquette guidelines when attending our events.

Q: Do you charge for events and classes?

A: Yes, we ask for a sliding scale donation for most events in order to cover our expenses, compensate professionals involved in those events, and to help grow the Temple so it can continue to serve the community.

Q: Are scholarships available for events as well as the Mystery School or Seminary? 

A: Yes, on a case-by-case basis, through arrangement with the specific instructor and/or institution or business hosting the event with the Temple. Please inquire.

Q: Are any of your events limited or exclusive? 

A: Most of the Temple’s events are open to the public, however we do reserve a few events and rituals specifically for honored or ministerial members because of the training and experience necessary. For example, our Dark Moon rituals are limited to ministerial members (graduates of the Temple’s Mystery School).

Q: Can anyone be a member of the Temple of Witchcraft?

A: Yes, if they are in harmony and alignment with our basic mission, purpose and beliefs. While we all learn from each other, potential members should not join with an agenda to radically change the mission or nature of the Temple. Only those who have been permanently barred from membership—had membership revoked or banned by the Temple leadership due to behavioral issues—are not welcome.

Q: Do I have to be a member to volunteer in the Ministerial Church of the Temple? 

A: Yes, though some projects might be in cooperation with other organizations of a similar nature and such events can be exceptions. Long-term volunteer work should be done by full members of the Temple at any of the membership levels, and honored or ministerial membership is preferred for positions of responsibility or leadership.

Q: How long does it take to become a Minister/High Priest/High Priestess of the Temple? 

A: Generally the program is set for a five-year minimum, though some trainings are accelerated and others are decelerated. Inquire with the Sagittarius Ministry for further information.

Q: How do I become an ordained minister through the Temple? 

A: Candidates for ordination must have graduated from the Seminary (see the Education section of our website) and must complete and submit an application for ordination, found in our Temple of Witchcraft Handbook. Ordained ministers receive a letter of good standing from the Temple to indicate their status.

Q: Is the Temple a legally-recognized church/religious organization? 

A: Yes. We are a registered religious nonprofit in the State of New Hampshire and a 501(c)3 Federal nonprofit religious charity.

Q: I’m very well educated/trained in other forms of magick and witchcraft. Do I have to start at Witchcraft I? I am a High Priest or High Priestess in another tradition. Can I start at Witchcraft V? 

A: Generally, those seeking ministerial accreditation through the Temple are encouraged to start at the beginning of our program to fully understand the entire system. At times it is possible to “test out” of earlier levels, though strict criteria will be followed and one may only test out with the full approval of the head of the Sagittarius Ministry and the Board of Directors’ recommendation. Advanced students can potentially test out of Witchcraft I and II, but are encouraged to take Witchcraft III and IV directly.

Q: Now that I’m in the Temple, what do I call myself? 

A: There is no “–ism” or “–ian” based upon names, personalities, or founders within the Temple Tradition and organization. It is based upon sacred space, shared experience, and personal transformation. The tradition is simply the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition, or Temple Tradition for short. Some use the term “Temple Witch” to distinguish membership.

Q: Who do I contact with other questions?

A: Questions not answered by this FAQ concerning general Temple matters may be addressed to [email protected]. Questions about the website and online resources in particular (Facebook page, podcast, etc.) may be addressed to [email protected]. You can find additional contact information on our Contact page.

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