The Temple of Witchcraft offers:
Spirit, Community, Education
in Salem, NH and online.

Co-founded by Christopher Penczak, Steve Kenson, and Adam Sartwell, the Temple of Witchcraft started in 1998 as a system of magickal training and personal development, and eventually developed into a formal tradition of Witchcraft.

Now, as an outgrowth of the work of students, initiates, and graduates of the programs, the Temple of Witchcraft has evolved into an organization based on traditions of modern magick, Witchcraft, and neopaganism.

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October 2019

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– Latest News & Articles –

Now is a wonderful time to dive deep into the mysteries. The Asteroid Pallas Athene is at 22 degrees in Scorpio (mysteries) together with Mercurius (communication and learning) at 22 degrees in the same sign. Not too far away at 15 degrees we also find Venus. This is a beautiful combination for going both very deep (Scorpio) and very high (Pallas Athene). If you like working with herbs and plants, you can find new and very exciting Read More...

Beauty Triumphant in a World of Ugliness

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle The world appears broken. Our experience of our society is illness. Injustice reigns, and the cosmic order is in disarray. We tell ourselves, as practitioners, what we have been telling ourselves for years—these are the last vestiges of the Age of Pisces. We are ushering in a new world. And perhaps we are right. But it doesn’t feel like that, and after working personally and in community and seeing no Read More...


In-person Witchcraft I–IV in Porter, TX

The Sagittarius Ministry of the Temple is pleased to announce the opening of new upcoming levels of Witchcraft I, II, III, and IV in Porter, Texas. Taught by High Priestess Virginia Villareal, these classes begin in November, January, August, and February, respectively, and are now available for registration. Virginia is also offering a seven-session in-person Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year class, starting in November of 2019. Please see the individual class pages from our Education page for Read More...

The Tongues of Sorcerers

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle “That was pretty passive-aggressive of you, don’t you think? You probably owe her an apology,” a High Priestess said to me. She was an initiate and former student from years past, and it was with those words, as hard as they were to hear, that I knew she should be in leadership. Not only did she possess the ability to speak truth to power, a vital concept, but she knew Read More...

The waves of energy moving through the planet are intense right now and whether you consider yourself to be a "sensitive" person or not, you will probably feel this. It's like everything is louder, stronger, faster, and more intense. If meditation and connecting to higher energy planes used to be a “relaxing and recharging space” this may not be the case anymore. So what is going on? Neptune (intuition, ocean, Atlantis connection) is right now at 16 Read More...


We at the Temple of Witchcraft have been looking for ways to do outreach so our distant members can feel more connected to the greater work of the Temple. The Pisces ministry presents a full moon circle here at the Temple's home in Salem, New Hampshire, every month. This year our focus for those moon circles is spell-work. We were inspired to produce some spells for the Temple full moons and to make them available to all Read More...


Embracing Death

by Ashara Mayim “I think I’d like to buy a house.” It was a strange thing to hear coming out of my mother’s mouth, but there it was, her voice crackling over the air waves. I paced back and forth in the dog park, wrapping Ace’s red leash around my hand and bundling my jacket around me, folding one zippered edge over the other. “Mom, why? You’ve rented your whole life. You love renting.” I could almost Read More...

Temple Astrolog: Being Perfect

The Sun has just entered into the sign of Libra and it is time for Mabon and fall celebrations. Libra is often pictured as scales balancing right from wrong and determining justice. Right now we do not only have the Sun in Libra, but also Venus (romance, relationships) and Mercury (communication). Venus likes to be in Libra, as it is also the ruler of the sign. Some of the gifts of Venus in Libra are love, romance Read More...

But What About My Outfit?

by J.T. Mouradian, High Priest I received a heartwarming email from Christopher Penczak, communicating to me that my ordination into the service of the Temple of Witchcraft as minister would be happening at Templefest 2019, during the Closing Ritual on Sunday August 25th! I was supremely excited about all of this. The timing was great. I was thrilled to celebrate with my brothers and sisters. I felt ready for all of this. I was terrified about what Read More...

To Be Silent, To Be Transparent, To Just Be…

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle The apocryphal ancient curse has come true! We are living in interesting times. Our current experience is chaotic, filled with upheaval and change with no plateau in sight, no way to stabilize a “new normal.” Technological advancements in electronic connection have changed our society, and the changes keep coming ever more rapidly. What does this mean for the Witch, the one ostensibly harkening back to more simple times, attuned to Read More...