The Temple of Witchcraft offers:
Spirit, Community, Education
in Salem, NH and online.

Co-founded by Christopher Penczak, Steve Kenson, and Adam Sartwell, the Temple of Witchcraft started in 1998 as a system of magickal training and personal development, and eventually developed into a formal tradition of Witchcraft.

Now, as an outgrowth of the work of students, initiates, and graduates of the programs, the Temple of Witchcraft has evolved into an organization based on traditions of modern magick, Witchcraft, and neopaganism.

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September 2021

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  • Welcoming Ourselves Back Home
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Perils on the Path

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle To live a magickal life is to walk a road of both joy and danger, for you are following the path deep into unknown territories. Author and teacher Raven Grimassi taught that we walked a well-worn path, which then came to a hidden path that would be well-worn for generations to come if enough of us take it. While there is beauty on the path, and love, there are also Read More...

by Karin Ugander On the 20th of September (21st in Sweden) we have a special full Moon in Pisces at the 28th degree. It is a full moon that can assist us in many ways. In numerology the number 28 is extra interesting and very powerful. So let´s begin by looking closer at that.  In numerology the number 28 is of great importance. When we add the numbers together we get 2+8=10, 1+0= 1. In Numerology it Read More...


Honoring Our Sacred Within

by Renee Bedard We have traveled together over the last three weeks exploring the many different practices of self-care. We dove into our thoughts to discover what is needed in order to create beneficial boundaries and the importance to say no. We have been reflecting on what a healthy lifestyle looks like and what tools are needed to create it. By adding a variety of simple practices to our daily lives, we can really begin to nourish Read More...

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle Witchcraft is the mystery of paradox, and one that we experience time and again is that “it’s all about you and it’s not about you at all.” People love the first part, but there is a growing danger of those devaluing any practice that does not immediately and continuously center on their specific experience and identity. When you start, it is all about you—what you want, what you need, which Read More...


Exploring Healthy Boundaries

by Renee Bedard Walking along the hiking trails of New England, you can find so many beautiful treasures. The winding paths through the woods will lead you into forgotten places and mysterious locations. You can often find cellar holes, old foundations, and defunct mill sites. Each enchanting place can stir something within you if you allow it. One of my favorite New England hidden gems are the old stone walls. Only a few feet tall, the mossy Read More...

Temple Astrolog: The Spirit of Truth

by Karin Ugander We have been through intensive times with big changes, both on the inner and the outer planes. It is fully understandable to wish for stable ground and calmer times. But, this is not what the heavens look like. Instead we are asked to fully embrace change and allow it to take us where we need to go. Let´s take a look together and figure out a good strategy in our nearest future. Dream versus Read More...


The Voice That Guides

by Renee Bedard In the still, silent night, do you hear it? When your heart is full, can you feel it? When you long for silence, do you seek it? When you need to say no, do you speak it? There is a voice that calls to us from deep within. It is there to offer guidance and to help us understand what it is that we need. Sometimes it speaks through words, offering guidance. Other times Read More...


Offering A Sacred Breath

by Renee Bedard Self-care. That is something we hear a lot about. It pops up on social media feeds, blogs, and memes. We are treated to snippets of pretty scenes of candles, beautiful locations, delicious treats, and even luxurious bubble baths. There are many ways to offer ourselves a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy schedule to have some ‘down time’ to rest and recuperate from our daily stress. While it is fun to Read More...

Generations in the Craft

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle Just like there are generations in our society, with lovely titles and identities such as Boomer, Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennial based upon birth year (and astrological outer planets, but that is another post), there are occultist generations. Dependent more upon your entry point into the Craft rather than your chronological age, these points frame your reference as to what Witchcraft is, what you do, and how it looks Read More...

Children Are Our Future

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle “Children are our future!” “Enough about the ancestors, what about the children?” “What children’s programming do you offer?” These are all things that have been said to me in the course of my path as a Witchcraft teacher, and I struggle with them. I am a thoroughly modern Witch steeped in past occultism and mystery. By that, I mean I seek the seemingly impossible squaring of the circle to create Read More...