The Temple of Witchcraft offers:
Spirit, Community, Education
in Salem, NH and online.

Co-founded by Christopher Penczak, Steve Kenson, and Adam Sartwell, the Temple of Witchcraft started in 1998 as a system of magickal training and personal development, and eventually developed into a formal tradition of Witchcraft.

Now, as an outgrowth of the work of students, initiates, and graduates of the programs, the Temple of Witchcraft has evolved into an organization based on traditions of modern magick, Witchcraft, and neopaganism.

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May 2022

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  • Mortal Musings
  • The Sacred Temples of Hekate and Zeus in the Ancient World – Webinar

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– Latest News & Articles –

by Karin Ugander The month of May has just begun and perhaps you are already feeling the intensity that the time ahead will offer us. We have a Mercury retrograde coming up, a Lunar eclipse in the intense sign of Scorpio, and the always intense and surprising Black Moon Lilith will make her voice heard as she is about to team up with Ceres. But, as always, a lot of energy in motion also means great opportunities Read More...


Registration for the 2022-2023 Temple Mystery School Courses is now open! The Temple offers four years of guided personal study in the Temple Tradition of Witchcraft, available through online year-long courses through our school. We are now taking applications for levels one through four online, and offer one year four in-person (COVID health conditions permitting) in Salem, NH taught by Temple co-founder Christopher Penczak. This year, our online level one class will have an optional live Zoom Read More...

pill capsules filled with golden and pink glitter

The Ills of the Age

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle If the occultists perceive patterns of consciousness beneath all manifestations in our life, what do we think is happening when everything becomes chaos? What is the pattern? Why can’t we easily fix it with our magickal intentions, spells, and meditations? Why can’t we create our reality as so many teachings tell us we do? The answer is understanding the occult mechanisms behind the current ills of our age and how Read More...

Altar Tools for Broom Closet Witches

by Claire du Nord Welcome back, Broom Closet Witches! Merry Meet and Blessed Be! Claire du Nord here, a High Priestess in the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition, with the second article in our series about Broom Closet Witchery. In this article we will explore some options for more specific Altar Tools that might not be thought of as such, but that, with a bit of imagination, might just work! In Article #1, “An Altar in a Broom Read More...

New Lead Ministers Announcement

The Temple of Witchcraft board of directors is pleased to announce that High Priestess Matooka Moonbear has been confirmed as the new lead minister of the Temple’s Pisces Ministry and High Priest Jason Gamache has been confirmed as the new lead minister of the Temple’s Taurus Ministry. Matooka Moonbear has over thirty years experience as a priestess, diviner, and healer. A graduate of the Temple’s seminary program, she previously served as lead minister of the Temple’s Cancer Read More...

Jason Gamache, HP

Jason Gamache is the Lead Minister of the Taurus Ministry, with a focus on the development of the sacred sites on the temple property in Salem, New Hampshire. He is a graduate of the Temple’s seminary program and a former Pilgrim of the Sun and Stars. Prior to accepting the lead minister role, Jason worked as a volunteer in Taurus Ministry, particularly designing and developing the Green Man Grotto sacred space and has done design work in Sagittarius Ministry Read More...

Temple Astrolog: The End of an Era

by Karin Ugander Have you been tired lately? Had strong and vivid dreams? Has the line between dreaming and wakefulness blurred from time to time? Do you feel a strong desire to assist people and the world around you, but are unsure of how to help in the best way? Don't worry, you are not alone. Let's take a walk together with the stars and see what we can learn. On the 12th of April, Jupiter (expansion) Read More...

Covens and Congregations

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle At the end of my current year in our online class, we had an interesting short discussion about religious institutions, fundraising, and essentially, proselytizing. Most of us come from a religious background where there is the wholehearted belief that their way is the “right way” and for many, helping others come to the right way is a moral duty. I have heard from some true believers that proselytizing is the Read More...

Bad Advice

by Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle We have had a backlash against some metaphysical self-help paradigms that have swung too far in one direction, calling out things under the terminology of toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing, but I think we haven’t yet found an equilibrium rooted in wisdom. As I scroll through this next generation of self-help memes and tweets, I feel we are moving in almost the opposite direction, that societally we are in an Read More...

Witchcraft I–III classes in Los Angeles

The Temple's Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce registration is open for level I through III Mystery School classes in-person in Northest Los Angeles, California, with High Priest Scott K. Smith. Interested students should visit the Witchcraft I, Witchcraft II, or Witchcraft III pages for class details and links to online applications Read More...