Magickal Gardening & Growing Through the Zodiac

year-long online course with Sam Belyea
starting January 2023 • $225 class fee
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Partnership with the land and stars is a healing journey for many spiritual seekers. Join High Priest Sam Belyea in a year-long exploration of the twelve Astrological Archetypes, their plant partners, and the wisdom of our seasons.

Over the course of twelve months, we will learn about the importance of correspondence, how nature reflects us, and the garden as a metaphor for the body and spirit. Each class will investigate a fundamental aspect of practical gardening, suitable for any growing situation, and the spiritual tools connected to the alchemy of inner gardening. As the cycles of our year wax and wane, we will craft, plant, harvest, and prepare a spiritual bounty rooted in the land. A separate recording of each meditation will be sent out every month, and the class will be recorded as well for those unable to attend the live presentation. A private Facebook group will also be created in which to share and exchange a wealth of ideas and shared experiences as well.

Beginning in January 2023, class dates are as follows:

  • Saturday 21st January 2023: Aquarius, Basic Gardening as Rebellious Magic
  • Saturday 18th February 2023: Pisces, Divination and Weather-watching
  • Saturday 18th March 2023: Aries, Protecting the Sacred Ground
  • Saturday 22nd April 2023: Taurus, Preparation and Planting
  • Saturday 20th May2023: Gemini, Aromatics, Herbs, and Indoor Growing
  • Saturday 17th June 2023: Cancer, Irrigation and First Harvests
  • Saturday 22nd July 2023: Leo, Flowers for Art and Song
  • Saturday 19th August 2023: Virgo, Vines, Trellises, and Towers
  • Saturday 23rd September 2023: Libra, Restoring the Soil with Composting
  • Saturday 21st October 2023: Scorpio, Second Harvest and Seed Mysteries
  • Saturday 18th November 2023: Sagittarius, Preserves and Pickling
  • Saturday 16th December 2023: Capricorn, Planning your Next Medicinal Harvest

Classes will be held online via Zoom video conferencing at 11:00am Eastern Time on the given dates. Please adjust accordingly for your time-zone.

The total price for these classes is $225 and a deposit of $50 secures your place. Any remaining balance must be paid in full by Monday 9th January 2023 at the latest. You can make your payment in the Temple Online Class Store.

Registration closes on Friday 6th January 2023. If you have any questions. please email [email protected].

To register, please use the online registration form and then pay your deposit or the full tuition of the class.

Why not join us on this quest of all things Magickal Gardening? A warm welcome awaits!

Sam Belyea is an internationally recognized author, teacher, high priest, and graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft Seminary. He has his own consulting practice where he helps clients through bodywork, astrology, herbalism, yoga, and a wide range of other services that focus on healing through the spectrum of wellness. His two books (Foot Reading & Advanced Foot Reading) have led to multiple international teaching tours, as well as a host of live and online classes, including multiple appearances at Temple’s TempleFest, which focus on the holistic interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit.

Sam’s daily astrology posts have become popular on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for their accuracy and inclusion of the body systems, as they relate to Traditional and Medical Astrology. The focus of his work revolves around how we can see the microcosm and macrocosm in every situation, applying practical forms of ‘As Above, So Below’ to life, art, and healing. Sam’s training with the Temple for over a decade has helped his work blossom and he is absolutely thrilled to be sharing what he has learned to support other budding practitioners.

Sam is always accessible, whether it be through social media or formally through his inbox. For further information about Sam, the Magickal Gardening class, or the services he offers, feel free to contact him at [email protected].

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