Temple Partners

Becoming a Temple Partner

As a religious organization and non-profit, the Temple of Witchcraft seeks to serve its members and the community. Unlike other non-profits, Temple ministers and founders choose to not earn a salary from donations, which is why fundraising is vitally important to running the Temple, providing ministerial services, and hosting public Sabbats and events such as TempleFest.

Not being a part of mainstream religious and charitable groups also poses challenges for the Temple of Witchcraft in fundraising, but nevertheless, the Temple continues to help community members by hosting charity drives for the homeless, for food, and to animal shelters, as well as donating to emergent causes such when natural disasters or personal tragedies occur.

What people may not realize is that there are many costs associated with running the Temple no one hears about. For instance, staff travels over 3,400 miles per year to minister to inmates through the prison ministry.

The expenses for running the Temple for one year is estimated to be at $107,000, not counting the donated time and purchases of ministerial members. These expenses encompass things such as utilities and mortgage on the public areas of the Temple itself, renting out halls for Sabbats and events, and the purchase of supplies for various ministries.

All of this makes your donation a critical part of the Temple of Witchcraft and its associated ministries.

Contact Information: If you’d like to become a Temple Partner by donating Wish List items, holding a charitable drive, raising funds, or becoming a TempleFest sponsor, or if you have any questions about donating please contact our Fundraising Coordinator Debbie at [email protected]. She will get you in contact with any specific ministries as-needed and help you arrange for pickup/drop off of Wish List donations.

Please consider becoming a partner by giving or organizing donations by one of the ways below.

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