The Ministerial Church of the Temple is divided into twelve major areas of service. Each is based upon one of the twelve zodiac signs and its archetype as taught in the Seminary school. Each of the twelve ministries is further subdivided into three areas. The first is a public area of service to the greater community. The second consists of work primarily for the Temple and its members. The third is the mystical service provided to the community, often unseen and unheard, but vitally important nonetheless.

The twelve ministries are overseen by twelve Lead Ministers, graduates of the Seminary, forming a Council of Ministers, acting as an advisory committee to the Temple. The Temple’s Board of Directors oversees the members of the advisory committee:


Lead Minister: Michael Cantone
Deputy: Wrentek MacGowan


Lead Minister: Dragon Witchfyre
Deputies: Irmalyn Hackett, Kriya Kinai


Lead Minister: Steve Kenson
Deputies: Erica Baron, Jameson Ford, Wesley Lyons


Lead Minister: Silver Lyons
Deputies: Ravenstarr, Simon Hewett


Lead Minister: Allison Charron
Deputies: Daedalus, Mark Bilokur


Lead Minister: Adam Sartwell
Deputies: Cameryn Wright


Lead Minister: Nicole


Lead Minister: Elsa Elliott
Deputies: Danielle Dionne, Wrentek MacGowan


Lead Minister: Christopher Penczak
Deputy: Stevie Grant (Dean of Students), Deborah Stelhorn, Simon Hewett


Lead Minister: Tim Titus
Deputies: Dragon Witchfyre, JT Mouradian


Lead Minister: JT Mouradian
Deputy: Peter Kwiatek


Lead Minister: Alix Wright
Deputies: Elizabeth Autumnalis, Dawn Costorf, Matooka Moonbear

Students of the Mystery School and Seminary are advised to look at the areas of service and seek out additional mentoring to serve our community both in the physical and spiritual worlds. Temple members can and do serve in as many different ministries as they wish and are not required to choose a single ministry. All service within a ministry is at the discretion of its lead minister, under the guidance of the Board.