Dawn Costorf, HPS

Dawn Marie Costorf is a High Priestess, ordained minister and the Cancer Lead Minister for the Temple of Witchcraft.  Dawn has been a witch since 1992 and she is a practiced ritualist and teacher. She is a Pisces Deputy Minister, leading  Sabbats and Full Moon rituals for the Temple in NH. She is an accomplished intuitive Tarot reader and specializes in readings with the Ogham. Dawn is also a Reiki Master and a Deputy Virgo Minister leading some of the Healing Deity rituals and helping to heal what is needed. Currently she volunteers with the Aquarius Ministry as the Red Ray for TempleFest.  Dawn lives in Massachusetts with her family and loves sewing, cooking, crafting, and delving deep into history, myth, fairy tales and lore to see the path we have woven and where we can progress forward.

Dawn can be reached at [email protected] for Cancer Ministry business and [email protected] for all other matters.


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