In-Person Mystery School

Please make sure you have read all the general Mystery School information before proceeding to the material specific to in-person Mystery School classes.

Temple Mystery School classes are offered in-person in select locations by official Temple of Witchcraft teachers. For open in-person class registrations, see the individual class pages. Open in-person classes list where the class is taught and the Temple Mystery School teacher who facilitates the class, along with cost and other registration information.

Policies for In-Person Classes

In-person teachers set their own general policies on a case-by-case basis, but in alignment with the overall spirit and ethos of the Mystery School and Temple.

Assignments are usually not graded with standard alphanumeric grades, but generally in the form of satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Some unsatisfactory assignments may be necessary to repeat.

The instructor may withhold future lessons when previous lessons are not yet completed. Questions are answered both privately and on the group email list, and feedback will be given.

Payment Policies

For in-person classes, there is generally no refund of class fees after the first class. In-person Temple teachers set their own payment policies in cooperation with their host sites and centers. Please inquire with the individual teacher if you have any questions regarding payment or class policies.

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