Holding a Temple Event

While the Temple puts on a wide range of Events here in the greater New England area, our membership is far more extensive, and we’re pleased to say that we’re a truly international organization, with members and Mystery School students all across North America and as far away as Asia and Australia!

If you are interested in organizing and running a Temple of Witchcraft event in your local area, particularly a booth or table at a festival, Pagan Pride Day, or similar larger event, we’d love to hear from you! Please read the following requirements and then fill out and submit the Distant Event Proposal form. Our Aquarius and Pisces Ministries (responsible for public events and rituals) will review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and coordinate with approved events to provide support and assistance. Gemini Ministry will promote your event on the Temple of Witchcraft’s official website calender and through our social media networks, as appropriate, and Virgo Ministry will provide material support.

To organize a Temple event, you must be a Temple member, preferably an honored or ministerial member. Prior organizing experience is preferred, and your event may not include official Temple classes or workshops without the prior approval of the Sagittarius Ministry (certified Temple teachers may be able to offer Temple classes or workshops). You’re welcome to offer your own classes, workshops, or rituals, but may not describe, advertise, or promote them as “Temple of Witchcraft” events without prior permission.

At this time, the Temple can provide only limited material support. We cannot support infrastructure, such as table, tents, chairs or tarps. The Virgo lead minister will inform you about what products for mechandise sale, if any, are available for the event. We ask that all unused or unsold items be returned to the Temple Office, along with the mailing list of names gathered for the event, in a prompt manner. Any products lost or damaged will be charged to the applicant.

Temple of Witchcraft