Ministry of Libra – The Judge


The Ministry of Libra’s responsibilities are interrelated and focus on justice, communication, and discernment. In its aspects of conflict resolution [inner], public relations [outer], and leadership education [community], the Ministry seeks to articulate a vision of spiritual and magical growth that enhances each members’ sense of self-worth and self-esteem within the Temple community.

The Libra Ministry provides:

  • Appropriately trained and experienced Ministry members for conflict mediation between individual TOW members, or between ministries within the Temple.
  • A strong and coherent voice regarding issues that impact the perception of the Temple in the witchcraft and other communities.
  • Support and opportunities for education strengthening the leadership, communication, and pastoral care skills of Temple ministers and Mystery School graduates.

To contact the Libra Minister, please e-mail [email protected].

Temple of Witchcraft