The Society of the Temple

The Society of the Temple is the container for post Mystery School courses that do not confer degree or title, but explore and expand our mystical knowledge, as rooted in the Temple’s Three Rays of Witchcraft paradigm. Designed to encourage exploration and experience on your own path, homework is not required for review, but sharing is encouraged.

Deep and regular practice of ritual and mystical journey will be necessary to fully experience and embody these teachings. These paths are for spiritual development and illumination, “crafting” your soul to contain a more fully developed consciousness, seeking greater harmony with the cosmos.

The Society embodies a potential nine year course of study, divided into three levels of three rays. Each level has two prerequisites: Three Rays of Witchcraft I, II, and III and Merkaba I, II, and III. After each level prerequisite, you can walk one of the paths for nine months. At the completion of a nine-month path, you have the option to walk another path of the same level, or continue on one path to the next level.

In-person and Online: All courses are available in-person and online. The in-person courses will be offered at the Temple of Witchcraft: 49 N. Policy St., Salem, NH 03079

Availability: Prerequisites and course level availability are:

  • Prerequisite classes of Three Rays of Witchcraft I, II, and III and Merkaba I, II, and III are open to anyone.
  • Level I Material (Red Ray I, Yellow Ray I, Blue Ray I) is available to Witchcraft III graduates and higher.
  • Level II Material (Red Ray II, Yellow Ray II, Blue Ray II) is available to Witchcraft IV graduates and higher
  • Level III Material (Red Ray III, Yellow Ray III, Blue Ray IIII) is available to Witchcraft V graduates only.

It is recommended not to take a year-long Mystery School degree class concurrently with a nine-month path class. Only one path class can be taken at one time.

Three Rays of Witchcraft I

February 29, 2020 • 10 am – 6 pm • $75

The first in a three-level series, deeply exploring the Three Rays of Witchcraft in descent from the Divine Mind, Divine Heart and Divine Will into the Wheel of Fate. Understand the purpose and paradigm of the Three Rays and how it was received as well as the alchemy of the three cauldrons to prepare you for the work of the three rays. Align with the elements of the first cauldron, the planetary bodies of the second cauldron, and the triple power of the cauldron of the head to flow and fill your entire being. Learn about the straight path of the Sovereign, the bent path of the Seer and the crooked path of the Sorcerer, as well as the allies and powers aligned with each. Learn about the alignments of the Angelic, Faery and Ancestor realms. From here, determine which path you choose to walk for a time.

Required for Red Ray I, Yellow Ray I or Blue Ray I.

Merkaba I

March 1, 2020 • 10 am – 6 pm • $75

The Merkaba is the “chariot of light” that is developed as the vehicle for consciousness in this and all worlds. A modern meditation used to craft the vessel of consciousness, the cosmic ark, so one can more fully embody the higher self and the energies expanding beyond ordinary consciousness in the waking world. Bridging between the occult and the New Age, the merkaba meditation uses precise sacred geometry of the Platonic Solids, visualization, energy work, breath work and mantra as a repeated, disciplined technique for spiritual development. Learn more how the mysteries of the Star Tetrahedron fit into the occultism of the Craft by learning more about Qabalah, Egyptian associations, circle magick,  and the Mighty Dead. A very comprehensive course explaining the meditation and how to use your Merkaba for healing, protection, journeying and manifestation.

Required for Red Ray I, Yellow Ray I or Blue Ray I. If you have already taken Christopher’s Mystic Merkaba Class, you can waive this level 1 requirement.

Red Ray I: The Sovereign’s Road

Nine Tuesdays • 7–10 pm • Apr 14, May 12, Jun 16, Jul 14, Aug 25, Sep 8, Oct 13,  Nov 10,  and Dec 8, 2020 • $250

Walk the royal road of queens, kings, and north stars. Work with the guardians of the red ray, the Malakeem. Learn the path of justice and community, the responsibilities of blessing, cursing and protection. Commune with the heavenly forces of the angels and find true will in the world of the sacred stones. Turn the White Thread of Fate and the Well of Life. Seek the mystery of the Lame God and Blacksmith. Be tempered on the anvil of life. Seek the mysteries of the royal tomb and align with the Manu, the Sovereign of the World.

Required: Three Rays of Witchcraft I, Merkaba I, Witchcraft III or higher.

Yellow Ray I: The Sorcerer’s Path

Nine Wednesdays, 7–10 pm • Apr 15, May 13, Jun 17,  Jul 15, Aug 26, Sep 9, Oct 14,  Nov 11, and Dec 9, 2020 • $250

Walk the crooked path of witches, wizards, and sorcerers. Work with the guardians of the yellow ray, the serpents of light. Learn the path of bridge building and weaving, of connection and separation.

Commune with the ancestral forces, the creatures of flesh and blood, and the Mighty Dead, find their wisdom among the teeth, bones, claws and shells. Turn the Red Thread of Blood and draw from the Well of Memory. Seek the mysteries of the sacred wanderer, and of the horseman. Learn of the plough and the chariot. Seek the mysteries of the cave and align with the One Sorcerer, the First Witch and creator of civilization.

Required: Three Rays of Witchcraft I, Merkaba I, Witchcraft III or higher

Blue Ray I: The Seer’s Way

Nine Thursdays, 7–10 pm • Apr 16, May 14, Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 27, Sep 10, Oct 15, Nov 12, and Dec 10, 2020 • $250

Walk the faery paths of poets, prophets and seers. Cross the hedge and commune with the guardians of the blue ray, the Nine Ladies. Learn the ways of art and romance, the call beyond time to see what is unseen and hear what is unheard. Commune with the spirits of the land, of plants and of the elder faery race. Spin the Black Thread of Ordeal, and drink from the Well of Fate. Seek the mystery of the Mill, of wind and water, of the stone and turning of stars. Seek the top of the Tower of Vision and align with the World Teacher of Love.

Required: Three Rays of Witchcraft I, Merkaba I, Witchcraft III or higher