Ministry of Aries — The Warrior


The Ministry of Aries is the work of those on or are called to the path of the Warrior. The Warrior is a diverse concept and we honor and respect that many faces of the calling. 

  • We continue to seek to offer supporting services of an overall pagan/heathen religion to those who are currently serving in any branch of the United States armed services. Support includes outreach, social correspondence, education and personal/religious resources as dictated by each individual case.
  • The Ministry of Aries provides additional training to community and Temple membership in  spiritual psychic self-defense. Currently we do not have an education in physical or martial arts, but this is planned in our future as a part of the ministry offerings.  
  • This Ministry of Aries is responsible for providing warding of physical spaces and psychic defense for the organization as a whole. 
  • Education to the Temple of Witchcraft initiates in the Art of Magickal Protection, Warding and Defense. 

To contact the Aries Minister, please email: [email protected].

Mission Statement

The Ministry of Aries is interested in expanding our ideals about what it is to be a Warrior in the world. Warriors include those in the military and armed forces, and those involved in martial arts, as well as peaceful warriors, eco-warriors, pacifists, activists, witches, healers, occult and psychic workers, and many more who are called to the path. 

The Aries statement is “I am,” and challenges us through life to seek, and know, and express that true self into the world. Aries mission as the Warrior is to actualize that identity and offer their skills of discipline, spiritual practice, ways of protection and defense. 

Protection List

The Ministry of Aries offers a protection list for those seeking magickal/spiritual protection. The protection list is a tool to offer protection in the form of petitions to the Protection Spirits of the Temple of Witchcraft. If you or someone you know needs protection, you may add yourself, or those in need (with their permission) to the list.

Aries Protection Request Form


Any current or future events with the Aries ministry will be featured on the Temple of Witchcrafts social media, the events page, or in the private initiate only groups.

Please subscribe to the Temple of Witchcraft Facebook page for regular updates. You can also subscribe and receive updates from the temple through the newsletter.  

Reading List

The following are recommended books on magickal defense concurrent with the Temple Teaching, alphabetically by title. 

  • The Witches Shield: Protection Magick & Psychic Self-Defense by Christopher Penczak
  • Psychic Self Defense, by Dion Fortune
  • Protection and Reversal Magick, by Jason Miller
  • Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain
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