Temple of Witchcraft Emergency Response


One of the many virtues of being a Pagan and a Witch is service to the community. Sometimes it isn’t enough to send light, energy, and good intentions when and good intentions when there is a community disaster. That is why the Temple’s Aquarius Ministry has followed its mandate to establish TOWER, the Temple of Witchcraft Emergency Response program.

TOWER is actively seeking donations of durable goods to be distributed to public emergency network coordinators during emergencies, disasters, and other times of need. Please consider donating any of the following or similar items to be dispersed to emergency zones. These goods will be stored by the Temple and distributed by TOWER.

Less than $5

  • Bottled water: For drinking (one gallon per person per day for a three-day to a three-week supply).
  • Local maps: To help guide the user if an alternate route is needed.
  • Manual can opener: To open canned goods in an emergency food supply.
  • Nonperishable food: Dried fruit, unsalted nuts and other high-energy foods to provide nourishment and energy.
  • Safety lightsticks: To provide light, especially good for use by children.
  • Whistle: To signal, attract or call for help in an emergency.

$5-10 items

  • Books, games, toys: To provide comfort to children after an earthquake or another disaster.
  • Comfort and personal hygiene kit: Surgical gloves, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, bar soap, shampoo, toilet paper, feminine and infant supplies, etc.
  • Flashlight, spare bulb, and batteries: To provide light if power is out or the user needs to walk home at night.
  • Heavy leather work gloves: To protect hands from sharp objects and debris.
  • Pocket utility knife: To cut rope or other materials.
  • Portable battery-operated radio: To provide access to information and instructions if power is out.

$10-20 items

  • Duffel bag or backpack: To store items that comprise an emergency kit.
  • Multipurpose ABC-type fire extinguisher: To help combat small residential fires that might result from downed power lines, damaged wiring in appliances, or other causes since firefighters may not be available for at least 72 hours.
  • Hand tools: Adjustable wrench, crowbar, pliers, screwdrivers, hammer, shovel, etc., to help turn off utilities, remove debris, etc.

Over $20 items

  • Camp stove or barbecue: To facilitate outdoor cooking should gas leaks or other factors make cooking indoors impractical.
  • Commercially made emergency kit: For home, office or car.
  • Emergency cash: Include enough cash to begin repairs, etc. Small bills—ones, fives and tens—are best. Also include change to make calls. Prepaid credit cards are also welcome.
  • First aid kit and book: To treat cuts, burns, abrasions.
  • Battery-powered electric lantern: To provide emergency lighting.
  • Portable generators: To provide emergency power.
  • Sleeping bag: To provide warmth and comfort if outside sleeping is required due to a damaged home. Cots, air mattresses, and sleeping pads are also welcome.
  • Sturdy shoes: To protect feet from broken glass and other sharp objects.
  • Tent: To provide protection from rain, wind, and other environmental elements.

Additionally, cash donations earmarked for “TOWER” are always welcome and will be used for the TOWER fund, to provide financial resources directly to relief organizations and groups in times of need (which can sometimes be more immediately effective than shipping goods).

Donations may be mailed to: Temple of Witchcraft, 49 North Policy Street, Salem, NH 03079. To inquire about donating or any other questions concerning the Temple Emergency Response network, please email [email protected] or [email protected] or call our toll free number (888) 842-4942 (voicemail only).

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