Ministry of Pisces – The Ecstatic

PiscesIn the Temple tradition, Pisces is the Ecstatic, taking deep dives into the hidden depths, seeking communion and communication with Spirit. Pisces ministry provides public Sabbat and Esbat rituals. both online and in person.

Though our origins are in New Hampshire, our ministry is spreading far and wide to many distant locations. Someday we hope to cover all the states and countries where we have members who would like to participate in creating Temple-approved rituals. Our official celebrants are those who have graduated the fifth degree of the Mystery School and become ministerial members.

We encourage connection and communication with deities in the context of the tradition, including acts and rituals of devotion, education in ecstatic trance techniques to experience the divine, and the training and practice of divine invocation.

Pisces Ministry also provides divination to the Temple to ensure that we continue on the Path that serves the Highest Good. Divinations are done monthly for an ongoing record, but can also be requested if any troubling events occur, or if there are larger decisions that can affect the health of the Temple. We hope to help offer more divination education and opportunities to the community. Look for Pisces events in our monthly e-mail newsletter and shared on the Temple’s social media.

While not technically the ministry of public outreach, we hold space for people to come together to build a community to honor each other, the Spirits of the Temple, and the Great Work while celebrating the cycles, seasons, and turning of the Wheel of the Year. For those students who wish to participate in the ministry, there are several ways. The biggest way is to attend and participate with in-person or online sabbats, esbats, and other events. If you become a ministerial member, you will be well-versed in the teachings and traditions of the ministry, at which point you can apply to do rituals locally in your area. If you are near a local sabbat, ask the celebrant if and how you can help support the events. On a solitary level, you can work the Pisces Ritual monthly when the Moon is in Pisces, contributing to your connection to the Temple Spirit of the Ecstatic. You can also practice your divination skills, reading for yourself and others.

You can reach out to Pisces Ministry at [email protected]

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