Here is where we talk about Temple sponsorships and how wonderful they are.

Sponsorship Types

An example of a heading for a section breaking down the different types of sponsorships.

Level 1

Here is the basic level of sponsorship.

Level 2

Here is a higher level of sponsorship

Above you can see a rule (horizontal line) inserted into the layout as a break and spacer.

This is a full-size image that is 1862 x 1696 pixels, although its display is limited by the size of the screen real estate.

This is a Large (1024 x 933 pixels) display of the image.

This is a Medium (300 x 273 pixels) display of the image

This is a Thumbnail (150 x 150 pixels) display of the image.

We can also do custom image sizes that are in-between, simply by setting the desired pixel size of the height or width (the other measure will adjust to match). So we can do in-between sizes, they just require a bit more work.


The type of hyperlink text I prefer is something like: Click here to visit the Temple’s website.

As opposed to: https://christopherpenczak.com/product/the-inner-temple-of-witchcraft/

We can format hyperlinks in terms of their color; note the first one above is black while the second is in red.