Entering Into Magickal Art – Lecture & Meditation Series

Join the Temple of Witchcraft Community for a seasonal exploration of art and magick. Four times a year, we shall explore an esoteric artist, their life and work, and focus on a single work of art. Through that focus, using trance techniques, we will enter into, and commune with, the spirit of that work, to gain deeper connection, insight and understanding.

Examining the Art of Salvador Dali and the Universal Tarot

with Sari Gagnon
Thursday, July 25, 2024, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

As part of the Magickal Art – Lecture & Meditation Series, Sari Gagnon is presenting a lecture on the life and art of Salvador Dali. With a mustache as controversial as his work, Dali has never failed to captivate viewers and provoke intrigue.

Join us for a look into Dali’s strange world, his contribution to the Surrealist art movement, and the mysterious art of his universal tarot deck.

Encouraged by his wife Gala, who was a card reader herself, Salvador Dali created art for his own tarot deck in the 1970’s. These moving works have been a marvel to readers all over the world. His cards display a deep understanding of occult beliefs and are dripping with classic Dali style, symbolism, and satire.

Then let’s take a journey into Dali’s mysterious tarot through a guided meditation. Participants will be encouraged to try automatic writing or drawing, inspired by “El Loco”, Dali’s Fool card.

Please note, this is not a tarot instruction course. However, a more in depth understanding of the artist and the art may inevitably open us up to a deeper understanding of the cards.

Sari Gagnon is an artist, writer and diviner, seamlessly intertwining creativity and spirituality. With a professional foundation as a tarot reader, reiki master, and instructor, Sari’s intuitive gifts guide seekers toward transformation and healing. Her artistic talents encompass custom creations, crafting unique works and magickal tools. An ardent student of occult practices, Sari draws inspiration from ancient wisdoms and old world mythology creatively bridging the past and present. Sari’s profound work extends to energetic healing, nurturing her clients’ artist-child and the use of artistry to silence the inner critic. This innovative approach merges creative expression with the power of healing energies, catalyzing self-discovery.

A self-proclaimed crystal hoarder, Sari infuses her practice with the energy of Earth’s treasures to amplify her connection to the mystic. Join Sari Gagnon on a journey of art, divination and self-exploration. Her diverse expertise and heartfelt dedication create a transformative space where creativity and healing unite. Visit Sari at www.witchmade.co

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