Entering Into Magickal Art – Lecture & Meditation Series

Join the Temple of Witchcraft Community for a seasonal exploration of art and magick. Four times a year, we shall explore an esoteric artist, their life and work, and focus on a single work of art. Through that focus, using trance techniques, we will enter into, and commune with, the spirit of that work, to gain deeper connection, insight and understanding.

Johfra and the Adoration of Pan

with Christopher Penczak
Thursday March 30th, 2023, 7 – 9 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Explore the magickal art of surreal Dutch painter Johfra Bosschart. Johfra was a Rosicrucian, a contemporary of Salvador Dali, and considered Leonardo Da Vinci “divine” and his spiritual father. Best known for his twelve zodiac posters that fused classic zodiac imagery with grimoire symbols, and a deeper metaphysical understanding of the twelve signs and their ruling planets, his work extends far beyond astrology, delving into the elemental realms of nature, fantastic beasts of myth, Lemuria, Hermes, fantastic dreamscapes, and his lesser known explorations of the Witches’ Sabbaths, Witches’ Portraits, and The Adoration of Pan. Explore some of the art and life of this amazing creator, and then through meditative ritual, enter into the deeper mysteries of his work, The Adoration of Pan.

The Witch of King’s Cross and Black Magic

with Ashara Mayim
Wednesday, June 21 2023, 6 – 8 pm Central, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Explore the extraordinary work and life of trance artist and occultist Rosaleen Norton. A true embodiment of the spirit of the Divine Rebel, she lived her life with fearlessness and honesty most people can’t even imagine. Roie was a devotee of Pan since childhood and is best known for her volume, “The Art of Rosaleen Norton with Poems by Gavin Greenlees,” though she explored deeper mysteries through “Thorn in the Flesh: A Grim-Memoire.” She can be a powerful Aquarian ally for those who wish to live their lives with truth and bravery, in accordance with their divine Will and a powerful force who feel ostracised or outcast from their mainstream communities. She was often ostracised, criticized, and even targeted by law enforcement for her attempts to share her visions and occult experiences with the world. Explore the work and life of the Witch of King’s Cross and meditatively enter and experience her piece, “Black Magic.”

AOS: Austin Osman Spare

with Seven Wolfe
Wednesday October 25th, 2022, 7 – 9 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Delve into the mysteries of  English artist Austin Osman Spare occultist, draughtsman, and, the father of Chaos Magick. He invented his own form of magick instead of following in the footsteps of others. We will explore sigil magick, the death posture, and his surrealist art. He is said to be the very first surrealist artist and lauded as the new Aubrey Beardsley as a young teen. Austin made his very own magickal alphabet. He believed that to make magick happen we need to get our subconscious to recognize our deepest desires. He also published a book called Automatic Drawing in 1916. He has inspired musicians and other artists such as Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle. Coil, and Genesis P. Orridge. We will be transported into the Formula of Zos Vel Thanatos to explore the mysteries therein. You will create your own Stele of magickal importance by the end of class. “Unless desire is subconscious, it is not fulfilled, no not in this life.” – AOS

Seven Wolfe is from the Pacific Northwest where the magick of old growth forests meets the ocean.  He is a graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft. Seven has studied witchcraft and the occult since he was a child.  He co-owns Ritual Arts in Portland, Or. He is a High Priest in the TOW tradition, a professional body piercer with an emphasis on ritual and ceremony, Reiki Master, yogi, and flower remedy practitioner. Seven loves rock hounding with his husband, frolicking in the forest, rock climbing, making incense and essential oil chakra blends.