Entering Into Magickal Art – Lecture & Meditation Series

Join the Temple of Witchcraft Community for a seasonal exploration of art and magick. Four times a year, we shall explore an esoteric artist, their life and work, and focus on a single work of art. Through that focus, using trance techniques, we will enter into, and commune with, the spirit of that work, to gain deeper connection, insight and understanding.

AOS: Austin Osman Spare

with Seven Wolfe
Wednesday October 25th, 2022, 7 – 9 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Delve into the mysteries of  English artist Austin Osman Spare occultist, draughtsman, and, the father of Chaos Magick. He invented his own form of magick instead of following in the footsteps of others. We will explore sigil magick, the death posture, and his surrealist art. He is said to be the very first surrealist artist and lauded as the new Aubrey Beardsley as a young teen. Austin made his very own magickal alphabet. He believed that to make magick happen we need to get our subconscious to recognize our deepest desires. He also published a book called Automatic Drawing in 1916. He has inspired musicians and other artists such as Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle. Coil, and Genesis P. Orridge. We will be transported into the Formula of Zos Vel Thanatos to explore the mysteries therein. You will create your own Stele of magickal importance by the end of class. “Unless desire is subconscious, it is not fulfilled, no not in this life.” – AOS

Seven Wolfe is from the Pacific Northwest where the magick of old growth forests meets the ocean.  He is a graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft. Seven has studied witchcraft and the occult since he was a child.  He co-owns Ritual Arts in Portland, Or. He is a High Priest in the TOW tradition, a professional body piercer with an emphasis on ritual and ceremony, Reiki Master, yogi, and flower remedy practitioner. Seven loves rock hounding with his husband, frolicking in the forest, rock climbing, making incense and essential oil chakra blends.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Pamela Colman Smith and Automatic Writing

with Sari Gagnon
Friday, February 16 2024, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Join us on Pamela Colman Smith’s lesser feast day for an enchanting journey of discovery as we delve into the realms of artistry, divination, and self-expression through automatic techniques. This immersive lecture explores the intricate threads that weave a captivating tapestry of Pamela Colman Smith’s life and work. Unraveling the story behind her artistic influences and pivotal moments that shaped her most recognizable accomplishments. Fire up your pad and pencil and step into the mystical world of automatic art – a transformative practice that bridges creativity and divination in seamless harmony – through immersive exercises and a guided meditation that will unleash your inner artist and inspire without judgement. This lecture is based on techniques recordedly taught by Pamela Colman Smith herself.

Sari Gagnon is an artist, writer and diviner, seamlessly intertwining creativity and spirituality. With a professional foundation as a tarot reader, reiki master, and instructor, Sari’s intuitive gifts guide seekers toward transformation and healing. Her artistic talents encompass custom creations, crafting unique works and magickal tools. An ardent student of occult practices, Sari draws inspiration from ancient wisdoms and old world mythology creatively bridging the past and present. Sari’s profound work extends to energetic healing, nurturing her clients’ artist-child and the use of artistry to silence the inner critic. This innovative approach merges creative expression with the power of healing energies, catalyzing self-discovery.

A self-proclaimed crystal hoarder, Sari infuses her practice with the energy of Earth’s treasures to amplify her connection to the mystic. Join Sari Gagnon on a journey of art, divination and self-exploration. Her diverse expertise and heartfelt dedication create a transformative space where creativity and healing unite. Visit Sari at www.witchmade.co

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