Entering Into Magickal Art – Lecture & Meditation Series

Join the Temple of Witchcraft Community for a seasonal exploration of art and magick. Four times a year, we shall explore an esoteric artist, their life and work, and focus on a single work of art. Through that focus, using trance techniques, we will enter into, and commune with, the spirit of that work, to gain deeper connection, insight and understanding.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Pamela Colman Smith and Automatic Writing

with Sari Gagnon
Friday, February 16 2024, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Join us on Pamela Colman Smith’s lesser feast day for an enchanting journey of discovery as we delve into the realms of artistry, divination, and self-expression through automatic techniques. This immersive lecture explores the intricate threads that weave a captivating tapestry of Pamela Colman Smith’s life and work. Unraveling the story behind her artistic influences and pivotal moments that shaped her most recognizable accomplishments. Fire up your pad and pencil and step into the mystical world of automatic art – a transformative practice that bridges creativity and divination in seamless harmony – through immersive exercises and a guided meditation that will unleash your inner artist and inspire without judgement. This lecture is based on techniques recordedly taught by Pamela Colman Smith herself.

Sari Gagnon is an artist, writer and diviner, seamlessly intertwining creativity and spirituality. With a professional foundation as a tarot reader, reiki master, and instructor, Sari’s intuitive gifts guide seekers toward transformation and healing. Her artistic talents encompass custom creations, crafting unique works and magickal tools. An ardent student of occult practices, Sari draws inspiration from ancient wisdoms and old world mythology creatively bridging the past and present. Sari’s profound work extends to energetic healing, nurturing her clients’ artist-child and the use of artistry to silence the inner critic. This innovative approach merges creative expression with the power of healing energies, catalyzing self-discovery.

A self-proclaimed crystal hoarder, Sari infuses her practice with the energy of Earth’s treasures to amplify her connection to the mystic. Join Sari Gagnon on a journey of art, divination and self-exploration. Her diverse expertise and heartfelt dedication create a transformative space where creativity and healing unite. Visit Sari at www.witchmade.co

Leonora Carrington: Sorceress of Surrealism

with Mariann Dellosso
Wednesday, April 10, 2024, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm Eastern, on Zoom video conferencing, $15

Come and join us as we journey into the Surreal world of Leonora Carrington. Being one of the first female Surrealists, Leonora is recognized as a forerunner of feminist Surrealism. Her wild visions had no bounds; she was a painter, author, and sculptor. Magickal esoteric symbolism in her work is intriguing, hallucinogenic, otherworldly, and sometimes disturbing. Her life of privilege, rebellion, fear, and incredible trauma ultimately led her to happiness. Leonora Carrington’s personal life, including her childhood, sexuality, and studies of the occult, undoubtedly contributed to the magnificence of her art. Focusing on these facets of her life strengthens our understanding and appreciation of her work and the importance of her contributions to Surrealism. Our meditation will focus upon her painting “Orplied” painted in 1955.

Mariann Dellosso studied dance, primarily ballet, for over a decade. In the years following, she attended undergraduate courses in child book illustration at the School of Visual Arts and architectural design/drafting at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Later, she studied Method Acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City for a few years. She accepted an opportunity to work in the global travel industry, which allowed her to travel and explore many parts of the world. During the pandemic, she received her certification in COVID-19 health investigations from Johns Hopkins and Rutgers Universities, ASTHOS and HIPPA. She worked with the Public Health Department in her local community for two years and was frequently a healer through words and actions to those in need. After the pandemic lifted, she returned to the Travel Industry as she is passionate about helping and working with people to weave their dreams into reality. Mariann believes her diverse experiences and interests have contributed to her personal and professional growth. While some may see it as unfocused or scattered, Mariann feels it is all interconnected and sees it as a way to explore her creative self, find new opportunities for learning and development, and enhance her magick. She is a Graduate of Witchcraft 1 in the Temple of Witchcraft and identifies as a Witch, a creative being, a healer, and a wanderer.

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