Ministry of Virgo – The Healer

VirgoThe Ministry of Virgo is the work of the supporter, one who seeks to be of service to the greater whole and who has a gift for detail or a gift for healing. It shall include:

  • Provide expertise, education, and products to the public based on magickal tradition for success, healing, and self-improvement. Included in this work are all related healing services and counsel, sharing some duties with the Ministers of Pisces.
  • Provide administrative support, organization and assistance to those in other areas of the Temple. This includes the operation of the Temple Store.
  • This ministry is responsible for organizing and engaging rituals of health and healing for the Temple as a whole, individual members of the Temple, and those of the community. This includes the maintenance of the Virgo Healing Ministry.

To contact the Virgo Minister, please e-mail [email protected].

Temple of Witchcraft