Healing Ministry

Access a printable PDF copy of the current healing list here!

An important element of the work of Witchcraft is healing. As a service to our community, the Virgo Ministry maintains an online list of people in need of healing light and energy and offers regular healing events to allow honored and ministerial members to perform healing work. See the Events page for current planned healing events.

If you want to place yourself or someone else onto the healing list (with their permission) please send use the Temple Healing List form to submit the full name and place of residence (town or city, state, and country if outside the United States). The list is made up every new moon, and the previous list will be replaced on the new moon each month. If you want a name on the new list, please send the request and information again before the next new moon.

Please note: the information on the healing list is publicly available, and searchable, like all information on our site. If you do not want a recipient’s name publicly associated with the Temple, we respect their right to privacy, but ask that you seek other, more private, healing work for them in that case.

This list is used for the healing work of the Temple. If you are in Witchcraft I, you can use the techniques of healing visualization and sending light. If you are in Witchcraft II, you can use the these techniques or petitions for healing during a healing circle. If you have Reiki II, you can use distance healing on each person, going down the list or just Reiki the entire list, such as in a Reiki box or simply by holding the list.

(Hint: You can simply print out the current healing list for use as a focus in whatever healing work you may be doing!)

Care Worker Protection List

Like our healing list, we are also offering a Care Worker Protection list, a place to submit the names of people who work in the fields of medicine, public safety, service, or other care-giving work, who are in need of additional protection at this time, for their highest good. Like the healing list, it is posted and refreshed during each new moon.

Healing Case Study Group

Would you like help with your healing skills? Then come join the online Temple Healing Case Study Group. Each lunar cycle you will have the opportunity to diagnose and send healing to a volunteer subject and then discuss the results with the rest of the group online. All Temple initiates (honored members who are graduates of Witchcraft I) and all ministerial members of the Temple of Witchcraft are welcome to participate.

If you are enrolled in a Temple of Witchcraft course, participation in this study group is an extracurricular activity, not a required part of your homework, although it does involve some time and commitment. As a member, you will get practice in psychic healing skills and also provide a service to the volunteer subjects, who come to us in need of healing facilitation. Membership is on a one-year renewable basis, but you may continue in the study group after you graduate and/or have begun on the next course. We encourage ministerial members of the Temple to be a part of this group as well. So come join us whether you are just learning these skills or want to sharpen them.

For further information, please contact [email protected].

Animal Healing List

The Temple’s Taurus ministry also offers a separate Animal Healing List for those who wish to request healing for pets and animal companions. See our Animal Ministry page for details.

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