Simon Hewett

SimonHewettSimon is Cancer Ministry Deputy for the Temple’s Children’s Ministry, hosting Sabbat Celebrations for school-age children throughout the Wheel of the Year. These celebrations give the children a chance to learn about and experience Witchcraft in a fun environment where they can let their energy flow. Children’s Ministry also collects toys at Yule for children in need, and provides children’s activities at Templefest—and we hope this is just the beginning.

The Children’s Ministry began in 2012, inspired and lead by then Cancer Lead Minister, Matooka Moonbear, and when she asked, Simon volunteered to assist. Assisting fairly quickly turned into creating and leading the celebrations, and as Cancer Ministry passed from Matooka to Silver Lyons, Simon’s role continued to grow. Around the Feast of Hecate 2015, Simon became a Cancer Ministry Deputy, responsible for Children’s Ministry.

Simon has been married to his wife Rhonda since 2001, and they have two children, Andrew, who attends most Children’s Celebrations, and Eliza. Simon is a software engineer by trade, a vegetarian, and loves to explore the wilderness, especially when there is a mountain to be climbed, both figuratively and literally.

Simon is a student in the fourth year of the Temple’s Mystery School, currently studying High Witchcraft with Alix Wright, and incorporates this knowledge and wisdom to educate and inspire. As a Bisexual Witch, and advocate for LGBT+ rights, Simon proudly acts as a Marshal for the Temple at Boston Pride, and regularly attends the Queer Men’s Mysteries Circle. He can frequently be found drumming and dancing (badly) at the Temple’s Drum Circles.

Simon can be contacted for the Children’s Ministry at