Simon Hewett, HP

Simon (he/him) is Gemini Ministry Deputy for Information Technologies, known as the “Temple Tech Witch” helping maintain our information infrastructure. In addition to Gemini Ministry, Simon is Sagittarius Ministry Deputy working closely with the Temple Mystery School in maintaining their online classes, and mentoring a handful of students each year. A former Deputy of Cancer Ministry, Simon also worked with Cancer’s Children’s Ministry for many years.

Simon has been married to his wife Rhonda since 2001, and they have two children, Andrew and Eliza. Simon is a software development manager and engineer by trade, a vegetarian, and loves to explore the wilderness, especially when there is a mountain to be climbed, both figuratively and literally.

As a Pansexual/Bisexual Witch, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights at work, Simon has proudly acted as a Marshal for the Temple at Boston Pride. He loves to attend, participate in, and dance (badly) at Temple rituals.

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