Elizabeth Autumnalis, HPX

Elizabeth (they/them) is a High Priestex and ordained minister for the Temple of Witchcraft. Working predominantly with Pisces and Aquarius ministries, they co-facilitate the Sabbath rituals in New Hampshire, run full moon and other rituals as needed, and serve as one of the main coordinators for TempleFest.

As a multi-generational witch who grew up very aware of spirits, Elizabeth blends their work with the Spirits of Place, local seasonal cycles and folklore of New England, and the art of storytelling. It is through this work that they offer spirit and dream-led written stories, found item/bone readings led by their local spirits, and work as an intermediary and advocate between their local spirits and those who would like to communicate and work more with them. They have a particular love for the hearth and home and offer house blessings and hearth awakening to those who would like to live in partnership with their homes and land. Elizabeth can be contacted at [email protected]

Temple of Witchcraft