Allison Charron, HPS

Allison Charron is a High Priestess of the Temple of Witchcraft. She serves as lead minister of the Leo Ministry, fostering and celebrating the arts within the Temple community. Allison has always been drawn to embodied spiritual practice: the ability of dance to induce trance states, the crafting and uttering of poetry to evoke the divine, and the tactile, grounding quality of beads between fingers.

Allison has been dancing since the age of four. She minored in dance at Providence College, where she also performed and choreographed for the Providence College Dance Company. Inspired by the ability of modern dance to induce trance states, she began looking to incorporate her love of dance with her spiritual path by immersing herself in various movement-based meditative practices, including Authentic Movement and Dancemeditation™. Having explored dance as a gateway to the ecstatic for the past several years, Allison is currently fusing her practice of meditative dance with her practice of witchcraft. She’s been offering workshops on the Witch’s Dance for the past several years. She also hosts Circle of Sound, the Temple’s monthly ritual of meditative movement and sound.

Allison has long been fascinated by the use of language to hold and convey the ineffable experiences of the witch. A self-proclaimed Emily Dickinson fan-girl, Allison has been writing poetry since childhood. She currently maintains the Temple’s Words of Witches Facebook group, a lively online poetry forum. She also co-facilitates the quarterly in-person Words of Witches events.

Allison’s penchant for embodied meditative practice has now taken root in the work of the rosary. A witch with a Catholic upbringing, Allison has always been drawn to the slipping of beads between her fingers and the repetition of familiar, trance-inducing devotionals. She is currently sharing her work on the Witch’s Rosary, an adaptation of this ancient Marian practice to align with the path of the witch and the pursuit of the divine feminine.

Allison can be reached at [email protected].

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