Healer’s Challenge

The ministries of the Temple of Witchcraft trade-off our social media responsibilities for the month of our astrological sign. The lead ministers or one of their deputies take on the role of posting content for their month.

Since today is the first day of Virgo, we turn our minds to the archetype of the Healer. Every witch is a healer, whether it be through spells, mediation, or other healing modalities. In that spirit of the witch as a healer the Virgo ministry has come up with this 31 day challenge to get your healer on.

Each day we will post a healing method or activity you can do to stay healthy on all levels. You can integrate it as much as you want into your spiritual practice.

Please remember that this is a challenge and things may come up in the process. Be gentle with yourself but keep doing as much of the challenge as you are able. We all have busy lives and our own stuff to get through. It isn’t healing to overload yourself. Enjoy the process as much as possible.

  1. Intro to the challenge.
  2. Set a healing intention.
  3. Send light to a friend.
  4. Forgive yourself and others.
  5. Charge some healing water and drink it.
  6. Bless a healthy meal.
  7. Send light to a place in need.
  8. Clear your chakras.
  9. Breathe in Prana.
  10. Do the three thumps.
  11. Do some healing affirmations.
  12. Showers of light meditation.
  13. Smudge yourself.
  14. Charge your protection shield.
  15. Meditate on a healing deity.
  16. Go to your inner temple for healing from your guides.
  17. Heal a past life issue.
  18. Get a massage.
  19. Use the healing list to send healing in circle. 
  20. Take a walk in nature. 
  21. Mediate with a healing crystal.
  22. Clear your aura.
  23. Do some tree breathing.
  24. Go on a meditative healing journey.
  25. As you go to sleep ask your healing guides to work on you. 
  26. Light a candle for someones highest healing good.
  27. Contemplate that those we dislike are mirrors of our shadow selves.
  28. Make a healing tea.
  29. Take a journey to receive the healing medicine best at this time.
  30. Take a flower essence for your healing intention. 
  31. Celebrate your healing journey.
Temple of Witchcraft