As a public nonprofit organization, the Temple of Witchcraft’s Bylaws and Articles of Agreement are available to the public; simply click on the link or download the Temple of Witchcraft Handbook, which contains both documents.

  • Organization: Sections on the structure and organization of the Temple itself, the levels of Temple membership, and our twelve ministries.
  • Membership: Information about Temple membership levels, including student status with our Mystery School and Seminary.
  • Ministries: Pages dedicated to the Temple’s twelve ministries, each covering different areas of service for our organization.
  • Services: Ministerial and spiritual services offered by the Temple to the pagan community and our members, including rites of passage (child blessings, handfastings, funerary rites, etc.) and spiritual counseling.
  • Volunteering: The Temple is a nonprofit organization supported by the generous donations of time and resources from our community. If you are interested in volunteering with the Temple, look at this section.
Temple of Witchcraft