Healing the Witch Soul

A nine-class online series, facilitated by Debbie Stellhorn and Christopher Penczak • $300 • online application form

Witch trials have darkened chapters in the history of various cultures across the globe. Perhaps the most infamous occurred in Europe during the late medieval and early modern periods, notably the Salem Witch trials in colonial Massachusetts, where paranoia and hysteria led to the execution of numerous individuals accused of practicing Witchcraft. However, Europe wasn’t alone in this phenomenon. In Africa, Asia, and even parts of the Americas, similar witch trials took place. In Africa, accusations of Witchcraft often led to ostracism or violence within communities, driven by fears of malevolent supernatural powers. In Asia, particularly in countries like India and Indonesia, accusations of Witchcraft have been used as a means of control or retribution within local communities. These trials, spanning continents and cultures, reveal the universal human capacity for fear, suspicion, and the persecution of perceived “others” deemed responsible for misfortunes or social disruptions.

All of this has taken a toll on the collective Witch Soul, which, like genetic family lines, passes down through the common thread that ties all Witches together. Join Christopher Penczak and Debbie Stellhorn in this work to commune with the collective soul of the Witch and actively participate in its healing. We will explore the concepts of collective soul wounding, past life karma, shadow projection, scapegoating, and spectral evidence in the process of healing, looking to where we might perpetuate cycles of persecution and the role of the persecuted and persecutor in our own lives and communities. Through guided visions found in the class, and suggested rituals and spellwork between classes, work with the deep healing of the Witch Soul, and thereby yourself and your own healing.

Please know that although we cannot provide this healing work to all places and times that we wish, we have to start somewhere.  We have chosen places near to our own hearts and will teach you how to apply this healing to places dear to you and to your own family lines.

Please be advised that this class will bring up sensitive topics concerning violence and persecution from historic and modern time periods and while every effort will be made to deal with the subjects in a sensitive manner, the information can be disturbing.

Class Schedule

  • Class 1: History and Need – May 15, 2024
  • Class 2: Greece and Rome –  June 12, 2024
  • Class 3: Italy – July 10, 2024
  • Class 4: Europe and the British Isles – August  14, 2024
  • Class 5: Basque Country and the Spanish Inquisition – September 11, 2024
  • Class 6: Salem and the American Colonies – October  9, 2024
  • Class 7: Witch Persecution Today: Africa and the Middle East – November 13, 2024
  • Class 8: Evangelical Churches/Protests – December  11, 2024
  • Class 9:Ancestral Healing – January  15, 2024

All classes 7:00 pm to 9:30 PM Eastern Time via Zoom. Recordings available for those who cannot join us live. 3 CEUs for Temple Ordained Ministers with the completion of a short paper on their experiences in the full course.

Use the online Application Form to apply. Course Fee: $300 with a $50 deposit to secure your place in the class along with your application. Please visit Healing the Witch Soul in our online class store to pay your deposit with your application, or class fee balance after acceptance. (Do not purchase this class without applying, any purchase without an application will be refunded.)

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