Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting material for the Temple of Witchcraft site! We hope to share work that is timely, engaging, relevant and useful to Temple members and the wider community, as begun in our quarterly newsletter The Temple Bell.

We are currently accepting essays, articles, liturgical writings, reviews, poetry, and short fiction, plus photography and other visual artwork. For further suggestions, please see our Topics and Themes section, or contact us. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. As a member of The Temple Bell’s announcement list, you receive occasional messages regarding possible topics for upcoming issues, books and other material that may become available for review, and other relevant information, including themes for upcoming sabbats.
  2. All submissions should be emailed to [email protected]. Prose submissions should be in either Microsoft Word format or included in the body of the email. Please do not send PDFs. Emailed photographs and image files should be no larger than 5 MB.
  3. If your work is accepted for publication, we will notify you via email. Submissions will not be returned.
  4. If you are interested in writing an article or review for us, please e-mail a brief description of your idea, so we can work on developing it into an assignment together. If it’s a subject that looks like it will fit well, we’ll let you know, and at that point it will be an assignment. We want people to be able to write to their interests and knowledge base. Likewise, if there is a book you’d like to review, please let us know! Please e-mail these queries to [email protected].
  5. For photography, visual arts, liturgical art, poetry, and fiction, there is no need to contact us with an inquiry or proposal – feel free to send submissions in this category to us directly.
  6. At this time, we’re unable to offer compensation for writing. However, your interest and support are hugely appreciated!
  7. Multiple submissions are welcome, as are simultaneous submissions (please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere). Please do not send any material that has been previously published.
  8. Original work only, please. Creators retain all rights to their work and agree, by submitting it, to allow the Temple to present in on our site (and in its archives) until such a time as you request that we remove it.

We are deeply appreciative of your time and energy, and for your support of the Temple and looking forward to seeing (and sharing) your work!

Topics & Themes

Here at The Temple Bell, we look for works that celebrate and share your personal experiences and views of Witchcraft and modern Paganism.

Some ideas for topics may include articles on various aspects/experiences of Pagan ritual, Pagan chants and songs, the meaning behind traditional ballads and rhymes, specific magickal practices and spellcraft, experiences in Pagan ministry (pastoral counseling, chaplaincy, spiritual direction, handfasting and rites of passage, etc.), interfaith issues, social justice issues, and essays on TempleFest or other Temple, Witchcraft, or Pagan events.

These are simply suggestions: please feel free to be creative; any idea for an article outside of these suggestions is also welcome. Please contact us at to [email protected]. to propose an article on a topic that interests you and we can chat about it.

Sabbat-Specific Topics

Samhain: Ancestor reverence, theologies of death and dying, dumb supper traditions, spirit contact, late fall/winter activities (pumpkin carving, feasting), the meat harvest, the Horned God, Scorpio, regeneration, divination

Yule: Rebirth of the Sun God/Solar Child, return to the Underworld of the Holly King winter activities (making Yule logs, decorating with evergreens), community, light in darkness, Saturn figures/Saturnalia, Capricorn into Sagittarius, magickal gift-giving

Imbolc: Traditional celebrations of Brigid, profile piece on the Flamekeepers / Brigidine Sisters, Pagan theologies of hope for the coming spring, winter/early spring activities (candle-making, making Brigid’s crosses, corn dollies) Aquarius, communication, sharing the flame

Ostara: Resurrection of the land, awakening of the Earth Maiden, Pisces into Aries, eggs symbols and rituals, spring activities (dyeing eggs, planting, working the earth), the first flowers and leaves, rebirth, warrior energies

Beltane: Ecstatic ritual practices, personal experiences with the Good People, Pagan liturgical dance, the history of May Day, spring/early summer activities (working with herbs, making flower wreaths), Taurus, fertility, handfasting and celebration, the Goddess and the God as lovers

Litha: Opening to the faery realm, the defeat of the Oak King by the Holly King, Gemini into Cancer, summer solstice, sovereignty, twilight, summer activities (harvesting flowers and vegetables)

Lammas: Grain gods and goddesses, food and Paganism, gardening and plants, theologies of sacrifice and offering, summer/ early fall activities (breadmaking, preparing the ground for the fallow time), sacrifice, Leo

Mabon: Journey to the Underworld, balance of light and dark, the second harvest (fruits and grains), thanksgiving, Virgo to Libra, autumn activities (sharing food, canning and preserving, winemaking), opening the gates, shamanic journeys

Year-Round Topics for Consideration

Sovereignty (what does it mean, personally and in a magickal/spiritual context?)

The Wiccan Rede (and the broader topics of ethics and morality for Witches)

Festival Season(s)

Green Living

Out of the Broom Closet (how “out” can/should you live as a Witch? What are the reasons, challenges, and rewards for doing so?)

“Best Witches” (articles on favorite depictions of witches in fiction or entertainment)

Spell and Ritual Share

These Are My Rituals (what is your personal practice and how did you arrive at it?)

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