Beginning a Journey with the Ogham

There are countless wonderful resources available for the witch who seeks to acquaint his or her self with the Ogham. These classes, books, presentations, and other tools are comprehensive and will introduce the seeker to various teachings about the origins of and the meaning behind this set of symbols. Some of these resources offer ideas for using the Ogham as a divination or meditation tool. Other resources delve into the use of the Ogham to mark out the Celtic calendar and the witch’s Wheel of the Year. A brief list of books, helpful websites, and other training opportunities will be shared at the close of this course.

This particular course is not intended to replace the comprehensive resources alluded to above, but instead to act as an opportunity to start the journey. A journey that, it is hoped, will last a lifetime. This course provides a simple path to meet each symbol (or “fid” as they are called in Irish) in a way that is designed to empower the seeker to gain a solid foundational relationship with the Ogham.

May this course light your path to relationship with and strengthen your understanding of the Ogham as we take our first steps.

Course Material: Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie


September 16th – Class One:
Meeting the First Aicme: Chapter One and The First Aicme in Chapter Two

  • Beith – Birch
  • Luis – Rowan
  • Fearn – Alder
  • Saille – Willow
  • Nion – Ash

September 23rd – Class Two:
Meeting the Second Aicme: The Second Aicme in Chapter Two

  • Huath – Hawthorn
  • Duir – Oak
  • Tinne – Holly
  • Coll – Hazel
  • Queirt – Apple

September 30th – Class Three:
Meeting the Third Aicme: The Third Aicme in Chapter Two

  • Muin – Vine/Mistletoe
  • Gort – Ivy
  • nGeatal – Broom/Reed
  • Straif – Blackthorn
  • Ruis – Elder

October 14th – Class Four:
Meeting the Fourth Aicme: The Fourth Aicme in Chapter Two

  • Ailim – Pine/Silver Fir
  • Onn – Gorse/Furze
  • Ur – Heather
  • Eadhadh – Aspen/White Poplar
  • Iodhadh – Yew

October 21st – Class Five:
The Forfeda in Chapter Two: Meeting the Forfeda

  • Ébhadh
  • Óir
  • Uilleann
  • Iphín
  • Eamhancholl

October 28th – Class Six:
Working with the Ogham: Chapters Three, Four, and Six

  • Using Ogham in Ritual and Spell Work
  • Creating written magickal sigils using Ogham
  • Divining using Ogham

Classes will be held over Zoom Conferencing

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern time

Commitment: This course is designed as an integrated set of courses that build upon one another with a culminating introduction to using Ogham as a divination tool. It would best be attended as a complete course.

Prerequisites: None

Cost: $100 for the complete course.

Course will be presented by JT Mouradian and Dawn Marie Costorf

To Register: Use the following online form. Registration must be confirmed and is at the discretion of the instructor.