The Hidden Ones

While the moon hides
The hidden ones have come to play
Whispering wisdom through
The cool night air
Can you see them?
Can you hear them?
Come this lightless night
Down beneath the stars
Hum with them the melody that plays
Within your mind
They hold the knowledge
You have been waiting for
You go to them with arms wide open
I see you I whisper
I see you all around me
I am not afraid
I hear the tune we have hummed as one
Since the first day
I came into this world.

Naphana is currently a Witchcraft and Wheel of the Year student. She loves all kinds of art, but is especially drawn to poetry, short stories, and photography. She has been practicing witchcraft for three years.

Elemental Freedom

dragonfly 2

by Naphana

There’s a pull
A Call
I hear it all around me.
Come to that place
To that place where you feel safe
I can feel the elements emanate all around
North, east, south and west
The circle never really gone
It’s always there
Call upon us
When you need us
Call to that which you know you need
Walk outside to the place you feel free
No judgment comes your way
Walk the path you’re familiar with
Listen to nature as it doesn’t judge
Walk the path skyclad
The very way you were born
Spread your wings
Let the world see
The true you, the you locked away
Show them the beauty that’s inside
You love so very much
No matter what you have been dealt.
You’ve been there crawling, banged your knee, scraped your elbow
You have almost let go
What keeps you going?
Anger, judgment, hate, and lies
You have seen it all
What makes you forgive time and time again?
Forgiveness always there.
Come child please tell me
You walk the path, no matter where it has led
Kept going, playing, jumping, swimming, dancing, moving, laughing, crying.
Come my skyclad friend
What keeps you going?
What keeps you forgiving?
What keeps you casting?
What keeps you giving?
What keeps you dancing?
What keeps you laughing?
Your pen’s doing it again
Dancing and dancing across another page
Beneath your hands
Can you feel me there beside you?
Helping you, feeding you, pulling from you word after word?
Inspiring you to keep going
Eyes getting droopy almost time for bed
After another word after you get this out
Your passion and I know it
You have always been the one to try and inspire those around you
Giving and giving
Never ever expecting anything in return
Keep going and going
It’s what makes you smile day to day
It’s what pulled you through the darkness it’s what lit your way
Keep marching to the light of your soul
Dance and dance
And dance some more.
Dance to the steady beat, the rhythm of your heart
Walk and spin.
Dance and sing.
That which comes from within.
Shout to the world why you do what you do.
And shout to the world you do it for one beautiful reason.
You do it because of the reason you are here.
You do it because of that which pours forth from your soul.
You, always willing to give to those who are willing to except it
You do it because of one word you do it because you

Naphana is currently a Witchcraft I and Wheel of the Year student. She loves all kinds of art, but is especially drawn to poetry, short stories, and photography. She has been practicing witchcraft for a little over two years.

New Born

by Naphana

I wake in the early
morning hours.
I quietly get ready
for the hustle and bustle
of my daily life.
Greet the night lady
and wish her sweet sleep
as she sets below the horizon.
She heralds the coming of her love.
There I see it.
He stretches and yawns
from his night slumber,
safely tucked in her loving embrace.
They dance.
Two in one, night and day
loving each other
though barely seeing.
My heart quickens. It races. Soon it will
be there,
the first light of the new day.
It was born from love.
He rises on a steady path,
just as you walk the one set before you,
guided by those around you.
You dance the Wheel.
Day to day
you feel it
deep within you,
an awakening.
You hear it
deep within your souls.
A breath, a heartbeat.
A flame has been lit.
You hear the music all around
and wonder if you are the only one.
No, you smile.
This melody has been gifted to many.
Those willing to silence the
loudness around them.
You set forth,
step by step.
Beneath the snow,
can you feel it
There you feel it.
It calls to you.
You quicken your pace.
There’s an urgency.
It pulls you forward,
guided by unseen forces:
guide, guardian, spirit, intuition.
You don’t know.
You fall to your knees.
You dig
through ice cold shards.
No fear,
just the push that you are needed,
the feeling of urgency.
You find what you were led to find,
the first flower of Spring.

Naphana is currently a Witchcraft I and Wheel of the Year student. She loves all kinds of art, but is especially drawn to poetry, short stories, and photography. She has been practicing witchcraft for a little over two years.

Spring Inspiration

by Naphana

There was a place,
a place deep within me
that could feel, it could feel the
very drumming of the earth.

[continue reading…]


by Naphana

There it is all around that cloaks all
It plays at my heart strings
Urging the young girl to come forth
Dance with me this night [continue reading…]

Invocation of Saturn

Invocation of Saturn

by Renée Des Anges

I invoke the power of Saturn
The Great Dark Mother and Old Father Time
I bring the gift of boundaries
But you must learn
How to discern
Where to cross or draw the line [continue reading…]

What Remains

by Daedalus

Sometimes we are put in the position of being “what remains,”
what remains still standing after a powerful storm has blown through
what remains on the beach after the tide has receded
what remains visible as the fog rolls in,
or when the light fades. [continue reading…]

American Altars and Perpetual Choirs

by Christopher Penczak

As an occultist, my primary way of interacting with the world, society, and myself is through magickal technique. Though I have a lot of strong personal opinions about things in the world, and discuss them with people in my personal life, I am hesitant to do so in larger public or social media settings. While the larger conversation is helpful for many, and the Sacred Work for some, for me it’s not. It is easy to get your point distorted, be pulled away from your own Sacred Work, or engage in conflict that doesn’t further understanding or the issue at hand. It can be helpful to have those experiences, and I have had them to my fill, so I leave that Work for others who feel called to place their energy there. [continue reading…]

by Adam Sartwell

618DV9PNOnL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Gateways Through Stone and Circle is an interesting book that details a magician’s work with the magical methods and practices of the grimoire traditions. It focuses on the evocation and invocation methods described in the art of drawing spirits into crystals. It is clear from reading the text that author Ashen Chassan has a deep respect for the grimoire tradition of evocation and the magical experiments of that era. The book is well-researched and presents a modern person’s attempts to recreate what is detailed in the grimoire texts. Detailed in the book are his creation of the sacred tools and instruments of this complex art. [continue reading…]

Review of Ellen Dugan’s Secret of the Rose


by Adam Sartwell

Secret of the Rose by Ellen Dugan was darker then her first novel, Legacy of Magick. Family secrets, new ghosts, new family members, and hexing poppets combine to make this book more intense than the first. Autumn, the main character, has to come to terms with changes in the way she sees her family as secrets come out. Her family is in shock from some of the revelations that come to light throughout the book. [continue reading…]

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