Invocation of Saturn

Invocation of Saturn

by Renée Des Anges

I invoke the power of Saturn
The Great Dark Mother and Old Father Time
I bring the gift of boundaries
But you must learn
How to discern
Where to cross or draw the line

As the Divine Feminine
Birthing potential into form
I bring to light wisdom hidden
In the shadow of my womb

Through experience and understanding
As you climb the Tree of Life
Remain receptive and open
To the unknown and the unfolding
But speak up for your personal values and rights

As the Divine Masculine
Providing structure and meaning
Within cycles ever-turning
I give life rhyme and reason
I pressure you to stay focused
To fulfill your life’s true mission
Chaos would reign
With no rules to the game
Chronology and synchronicity offer direction

Life is a delicate balance
Between free will and fate
Boundaries can be either
Barriers or gates
Know Thyself to realize
When to dissolve and coagulate

Boundaries can serve for protection
Or become a self-imposed prison
Sometimes it is only illusion
Where it seems there is bondage and restriction
You can achieve freedom at any moment
If you only make the decision



Renée Des Anges is a first year apprentice of the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School. In addition to studying and practicing Witchcraft, her other passions include dancing, creating art, traveling, yoga, and following other magickal and spiritual pursuits.




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