New Born

by Naphana

I wake in the early
morning hours.
I quietly get ready
for the hustle and bustle
of my daily life.
Greet the night lady
and wish her sweet sleep
as she sets below the horizon.
She heralds the coming of her love.
There I see it.
He stretches and yawns
from his night slumber,
safely tucked in her loving embrace.
They dance.
Two in one, night and day
loving each other
though barely seeing.
My heart quickens. It races. Soon it will
be there,
the first light of the new day.
It was born from love.
He rises on a steady path,
just as you walk the one set before you,
guided by those around you.
You dance the Wheel.
Day to day
you feel it
deep within you,
an awakening.
You hear it
deep within your souls.
A breath, a heartbeat.
A flame has been lit.
You hear the music all around
and wonder if you are the only one.
No, you smile.
This melody has been gifted to many.
Those willing to silence the
loudness around them.
You set forth,
step by step.
Beneath the snow,
can you feel it
There you feel it.
It calls to you.
You quicken your pace.
There’s an urgency.
It pulls you forward,
guided by unseen forces:
guide, guardian, spirit, intuition.
You don’t know.
You fall to your knees.
You dig
through ice cold shards.
No fear,
just the push that you are needed,
the feeling of urgency.
You find what you were led to find,
the first flower of Spring.

Naphana is currently a Witchcraft I and Wheel of the Year student. She loves all kinds of art, but is especially drawn to poetry, short stories, and photography. She has been practicing witchcraft for a little over two years.

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