What Remains

by Daedalus

Sometimes we are put in the position of being “what remains,”
what remains still standing after a powerful storm has blown through
what remains on the beach after the tide has receded
what remains visible as the fog rolls in,
or when the light fades.

Sometimes we are what remains after we are caught by something
staring intently at it as the world falls away.
When we finally remember to close our eyes we see
an alternate vision of what we were focused on.
It doesn’t disappear
as our minds tell us it should,
it transitions.
Even though the eyes we normally see with are closed,
we still see what remains.
The Spirit or ghost of what we were focused on,
this is the image we are left with.

We often focus on
what we have lost during the storm,
the feeling we are drowning while waiting for the tide to turn.
We are sure we are lost in the fog
in serious danger as the light wanes and night closes in.
Instead of giving in to all that, we can focus again
on what captured our attention and held our gaze.
We can think about what that might have become
if we were never there to serve as witness.

Sometimes what remains is what is required
to find strength enough to carry on,
to move forward.
To hold our focus
regardless of what others may have seen.

Daedalus is a graduate of the Temple Mystery School who presently lives and teaches in Maine.


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