Spring Inspiration

by Naphana

There was a place,
a place deep within me
that could feel, it could feel the
very drumming of the earth.

As I walked day to day
In the steady stream of life,
I could feel the gentleness of the air:
The warm blaze of fire that came from the sun,
the soft ground beneath my feet,
the water as it fell from the heaven above.
Letting me know all the elements were with me
As I walked alone or with someone.

Every daylight to dark, someone walked with me,
Whether someone here in the physical
or one who couldn’t be seen by the physical eye.
I feel them when I close my eyes
and enter into the world of dreams.
Step with me as I learn all I am meant to in this life.

Guide and guard me as I make mistakes
to learn and grow
For my highest good, never harming anyone.
Gift me with the knowledge I am meant to know
And grant me the ability to understand when it is not time to know something.

I have always felt your gift grace my hands,
When my pen has danced across many pages.
I always knew someone walked with me when days got hard.
The tears would come, they would fall.

You always there to help me express the feelings deep within my soul:
Happy, sad, confused, excited, humble.
A gift for words I will always be thankful for.

In this time of new beginnings,
I bring light and a thank-you, Bridget, for the gift of words.
For the poetry you have helped me write.

Naphana is currently a Witchcraft I and Wheel of the Year student. She loves all kinds of art, but is especially drawn to poetry, short stories, and photography. She has been practicing witchcraft for a little over two years.

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