JT Mouradian, HP

JT Mouradian is a panentheistic, monotheistic, pantheistic, polytheistic, animistic, and agnostic, eclectic witch, enamored with all things Irish, and with a healthy obsession around Jesus of Nazareth and his companion Mary Magdalene. He has been studying everything that he can get his hands on since he was a little boy. In his late teens, he focused this energy on spiritual, ontological, and metaphysical matters and that work has shaped him for the last thirty years. He is actively working to unite all of the opposites around him and as such has been known to use the term “Ambidextrous Pathed” to describe his journey to seek the oneness that weaves us all together. He is thrilled to be living in the mysteries that surround us and is focused on the exploration and discovery of the same and not on reaching any sort of dogmatic end state.

JT is very engaged with the music that the Temple offers at our public rituals and has been known to DJ events for the Temple when that is needed. You might see him in the Northeast corner with a bass over his shoulder making noise with some wonderful people. Please feel free to pop over and say hello!

JT previously served the Temple in the role of lead minister of Aquarius and Capricorn. He sees the “rebel” as a force for challenging authority, challenging norms, challenging everything and hopes to utilize this power to build our community and broaden our service to our world. What can the Temple do to show the people around us who we are and what we are about? How do we embower the message of Love, Will, and Wisdom to saturate our community and inform the greater community the surrounds us?

As a father, husband, son, brother, family member, friend, and witch he is focused on Love.

Temple of Witchcraft