Temple Partner Testimonials

“Providing support to the Temple of Witchcraft is both an honor and a privilege! My company decided to contribute to the cause because our philosophy involves giving back to the community and educating people, in hopes of removing some of the negative stigma that is often associated with Witchcraft. I provide free educational materials on my own site and I believe that this sense of ‘paying it forward’ is what will help bring the Witchcraft community into a more positive light. I’m so grateful for what the Temple of Witchcraft does and the role they play in education and support in our community! Keep up the great work that you do!”

— Tina Caro, MagickalSpot.com

“Colortrieve is a supporter of TempleFest because it is a well-attended summer festival focused on spirit, community, and education. It is a great opportunity to market our products and to support my daughter, Renee, on her spiritual journey. Blessed be!”

— Kirk Ramsauer, CEO, Colortrieve Systems – Veteran Owned Small Business

“Nearly two years ago now, I opened my Etsy shop, Enchantments by Eve. Inspired by the wonderful lessons and amazing friends I had made within The Temple of Witchcraft community, I knew it was time to give something back.

Selling only small items such as auric spritzers, hand-blended incenses, pendulums and crystal bead bracelets, I decided to donate 10% of all sales to the Temple. It’s been wonderful to see my crafts being posted all over the world, from America to Australia, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

The Temple of Witchcraft is a truly incredible community and is home to my heart. My experiences and learning through its Mystery School have been life changing, and I think it’s very easy to underestimate just how much Christopher and the staff give of their time and generosity.  While the donations from my shop have been humble, every penny and every cent counts when you’re making such an important investment of the heart, and whatever you give, you truly receive in return threefold.”

— Karen Ainsworth, Enchantments by Eve

“As a speaker and participant at Templefest, I was happy to help support the event through an advertisement for my business on the website and in the event program. While my business isn’t directly a Pagan service, many Pagans are especially open to the kind of work that I do. This kind of outreach encourages Templefest attendees to come to my workshop so that they can learn about and experience hypnosis. It also opens the door for people to connect with me during the weekend so that I can tell them about my services (and refer them to a colleague closer to them if appropriate).”

— Brenda, Healing Path Hypnosis

“As a teacher and owner of a Witchcraft store in New Jersey, I feel the Pagan community should pull together, supporting each other in our efforts.  We don’t all have to think alike, but we should respect and encourage each other.   I like to support Temple of Witchcraft events and fundraisers in particular because I appreciate their integrity and the thoroughness of the education they provide.   Even though it’s difficult to attend some of the events across the Northeast area, I’m still happy to be a booster for the Temple of Witchcraft.”

— Sandi Liss, SoulJourney

“My company chose to contribute to TempleFest 2016 because over the years I have witnessed the strong, positive influence of the event on the Temple’s growing online student population.  Attending TempleFest brings people from all over the country, and from beyond our national borders, to common ground where we can meet one another in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.  Also, the educational opportunities at TempleFest for the community as well as Temple students are outstanding, and promote further understanding of the Pagan community at large as well as the Temple of Witchcraft traditions.”

— Airmid Plantwalker of Airmid Plantwalker’s Mighty Herbs, LLC

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