Ministerial Profile: Lisa, Aquarius lead minister

LisaThe Aquarius Lead Minister, Lisa, has been a Pagan since the late ’90s, but it’s not a path that happened suddenly. As a child, she spent more time in the woods & water than at home, but it’s where she was happiest and, as she got older and attended a small private Catholic College in New Hampshire she realized she wasn’t Catholic at all, she wasn’t even a Christian! The search for what suited her soul began after learning about the different spiritual paths and, in the mid ’90s, Lisa started her path as a Solitary Witch.

The quest for community and more advanced teachings brought her to the early Witchcraft classes taught by Christopher Penczak. Not only did she find a Spiritual Community but many dear friends and her Coven, the Sisters of Joy. Lisa’s crooked spiritual path has brought her too study Reiki, Shamanism, and she’s re-taking the Temple Witchcraft Mystery School course.  She looks forward to exploring the Fairy Realm in more detail.

As the Aquarius Minister, Lisa coordinates community building. If it’s not specifically a ritual or class it’s probably a community event under her leadership, making Lisa the Temple’s “Minister of Fun.” Along with a top-notch team Aquarius coordinates Templefest, the Temple’s weekend-long outdoor summer festival. Lisa also organizes Ministerial Retreats and private events for the Temple. Her Deputy, Peter, coordinates TOWER (Temple of Witchcraft Emergency Response) the Temple’s outreach to the Pagan community in times of crisis.

Beyond her Temple duties, Lisa works full time for an Audio-Visual Company plus she’s been a Realtor at a major company in Southern New Hampshire for over 15 years. She lives in Chester with her family at Sunshine Farm and surrounds herself with kitties, Brittanys, and her beloved Boston Terrier, Lucy.  They keep their organic farm fully stocked with chickens, ducks, turkeys, organic gardens & bee and look forward to having milking goats in the very near future.

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