Morrighan Invocation

by Romany Rivers

Hail to thee

Queen of blood soaked battle field

Of fight

Of flight

Of dark winged messenger

Sovereign Goddess of battle cries

Of clan

Of tribe

Of standing bloody but unbowed

Great Queen of crow

Of wild wolf

Of sacred calf

Of healing wounds with blood and milk

Phantom Queen of sisters three




I call your names

I seek your blessings in challenges to come

I seek your blessings for fertile lands

I seek your blessings of strength and protection

I seek thee out

To stand by your side


Goddess of my battle cry


Hear me now my Queen

Romany Rivers is a Witch, Reiki Master, artist and author of Poison Pen Letters to Myself. British born, Romany currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, providing support to local and online communities. These poems can be found in her new ritual book The Woven Word, published by Moon Books. You can find her at

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