Sacred Union

by Romany Rivers

The heartbeat


The pulse of Earth quickens

The rivers rushing

The oceans heaving

The land bedecked in finery

Calling forth the touch of rain, of sun

Every flower reaching out for sunlight’s caress

Turning their faces towards the kiss of sunlight

Every leaf trembling at the whispers of the wind

Fresh green grass wet with dew

The forests filled with the sounds of life

Every creature calling out for a mate

The earth herself awake





Reaching out for her lover

Responding to the touch of light

Chasing back the shadows of winter

And falling in love once again

The earth in throes of ecstasy

A sacred union laid bare for all to see

The beloved earth replies

To a love that lights the whole sky

Romany Rivers is a Witch, Reiki Master, artist and author of Poison Pen Letters to Myself. British born, Romany currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, providing support to local and online communities. These poems can be found in her new ritual book The Woven Word, published by Moon Books. You can find her at

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