Healing Temple Meditation Series

by Christopher Penczak

This is a series of workings focused primarily upon personal healing and the inward journey to wholeness.

I wrote it in response to what I have both personally experienced and what others have expressed to me about their experiences in last four years. In the end, I realize our collective experience was the revelation of greater societal sickness, but on a personal level for many of us, this time is akin to being traumatized in an abusive relationship and many suffered depression, anxiety, and general illness even before the stress of the coronavirus pandemic. I encouraged folks in a social media post after the election to do deep personal healing. This is a small step towards that for myself and I share it with you in hopes that it might help or inspire your own rituals, meditations, and magick of healing.

These four meditations are rooted in the traditions of the Temple of Witchcraft community, with specific zodiacal spirits to our work, but these spirits are welcoming of any in harmony with their intent and can be effective allies for the sincere seeker.

The work moves through the four elements, four mutable zodiacal spirits, and four deities of healing, to experience healing in a cycle to bring us to greater wholeness. These deities are those who have participated in some way in the healing work of the Temple of Witchcraft, often on the Community Healing Altar. For the fifth element, where we start and where we end, we look to the planetoid Chiron, the wounded healer, and the spirit of Chiron as a guide. Like any planet or asteroid, Chiron occupies a specific sign of the zodiac, moving through all twelve. We shall look to what sign Chiron was in, at your birth, to align you personally with one of the twelve zodiacal Temple of Witchcraft spirits, to be your guardian and ally throughout all four of the meditative journeys.

During the election, Chiron is in the fifth degree of Aries, showing where our wounding is in leadership and moving forward. Look at your own natal chart, or birth chart, to find where Chiron was when you were born, by sign. Coincidentally, mine is also Aries, though at eighteen degrees. If you don’t have access to your astrological chart with Chiron on it, or an astrologer, you can get a free chart with Chiron here:


or you can  look up a full ephemeris, a chart of the planets, by century, year, month and day to find your own Chiron here:


Chiron’s glyph looks somewhat like a key. By sign, your Healing Chiron-influenced astrological spirit in the Temple of Witchcraft will be:

  • Aries: Heyan the Warrior
  • Taurus: Varrest the Steward
  • Gemini: Zazaz the Trickster
  • Cancer: Tamara the Mother
  • Leo: Chutal the Artisan
  • Virgo: Yokutu the Healer
  • Libra: Laramunth the Judge
  • Scorpio: Nantur the Guardian
  • Sagittarius: Sikaro the Teacher
  • Capricorn: Ayeohpanay the Father
  • Aquarius: Zarbata the Rebel
  • Pisces: Qaylan the Ecstatic

Call upon this spirit to be your guide in this four-fold work, along with the master-teacher Chiron himself.

For example, I would call upon Heyan the Warrior of Aries and the master-teacher Chiron. We will move through meditations of the four mutable signs, for change, for endings, and the ability to enter into new beginning, a new season of our lives. I suggest for each meditation that you choose a stone in alignment with the sign, or simply a natural stone you can find local to you from the yard, or a park, shore or trail, making sure it wants to go with you. Also I suggest having one of the recommended herbs, which you can simply carry in a pouch as a charm, take as a tea or, if available, a flower essence, or burn as an incense upon charcoal in a brazier or cauldron with some sand to absorb the excess heat.


  • Mutable Earth
  • Spirit: Yokutu the Healer
  • Stone: Fluorite, Agate
  • Herbal Healer: Dill Seed
  • Deity: Asclepius

Virgo Healing Temple mp3


  • Mutable Fire
  • Spirit: Sikaro the Teacher
  • Stone: Sapphire, Lapis, Sodalite
  • Herbal Healer: Wood Betony
  • Deity: Brid (Bridget)

Sagittarius Healing Temple mp3


  • Mutable Water
  • Spirit: Qaylan the Ecstatic
  • Stone: Amethyst, Aquamarine
  • Herbal Healer: Spearmint or Jasmine
  • Deity: Quan Yin

Pisces Healing Temple mp3


  • Mutable Air
  • Spirit: Zazaz the Trickster
  • Stone: Carnelian, Agate
  • Herbal Healer:  Vervain
  • Deity: Isis

Gemini Healing Temple mp3

I suggest going in this sequence, and taking at least a week between each vision as they build upon each other, but follow your own guidance as to the best sequence and timing if you your intuition says otherwise. Music is lovingly supplied for the Temple of Witchcraft by composer Alexander Bardo.

Temple Healing List

For those looking for more healing support, or offering aid, please consider participating in the Temple of Witchcraft’s monthly Healing List, crafted from New Moon to New Moon.

Calling the Dream Healer

For additional guided healing work, particularly with Asclepius, Temple High Priest and Virgo lead minister Adam Sartwell is offering a Calling the Dream Healer online ritual to visit the healing temple of Asclepius in vision, on November 21st at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Click the link to go to the online registration page. Preregistration is required in order to attend.

Thank you for taking this time in your own healing journey. Through our self-healing we will be better prepared to help others and the greater world.

Temple of Witchcraft