Scorpio Volunteer Spotlight: Lori O

For the Scorpio Month Volunteer Spotlight, the Scorpio Ministry would like to thank Lori O for her work in hospice volunteering, crossing over mediation, and ancestor veneration. Lori is a Temple Mystery School student who has completed Witchcraft III and is an active member of the Temple community in Connecticut.

The work of Scorpio includes providing service to the community in the area of hospice as a companion to the dying so that no one is alone at this time of transition. Lori’s involvement with hospice and our ministry started when she sought support from us around a loved one’s death several years ago. Her experience inspired her to seek out opportunities to help others and provide comfort and companionship to those facing death.

Lori started her volunteer work just over a year ago at her local hospice where her mother was cared for before she died. She has become a key volunteer there in the ministerial program. She brings her compassion and intuitive nature to this work and it has been recognized by the pastoral care staff at the hospice. The Hospice Chaplain has offered to personally mentor Lori to perform clinical assessments and she is receiving a lot of great encouragement there. She has been able to continue to serve in safe ways during the Corvid-19 pandemic by providing support to the Hospice pastoral care team in other ways since in-person volunteering is on hold.

In addition, she has a very strong ancestor veneration practice and recently taught a class on ancestor altars to her local Connecticut Temple community. There she is a wonderful community member, always willing to step into ritual or other support when needed.

She has stepped up many times for the Scorpio ministry and has become a key member of our team very quickly. Once we can hold in-person events again, she looks forward to offering other Scorpio related activities to her local community.

Thank you, Lori, for your dedication to the work of companioning the dying, easing their transition, and honoring the ancestors. We look forward to your future contributions.

Temple of Witchcraft