Death Cafes at the Robin’s Nest


Temple Scorpio lead minister Elsa Elliott and psychic medium Danielle Dionne are facilitating a series of Death Cafes this year at the Robin’s Nest, in Bellingham, MA, beginning on Saturday, Februrary 13th at 5:00 pm.

While the Temple of Witchcraft is not sponsoring these events, we want to get the word out to our community about this important discussion. These cafes are open to all who wish to come, regardless of their belief system. The facilitators will provide a confidential, supportive, and open forum for discussion. The hope is to change the narrative about death to be one of ease. Death cafes look to provide a place and time where people of all walks of life can come together and speak about that which has become unspeakable: death. We come together simply as people who will die.

During the past century, death has been removed from everyday experience and relegated to the hospital or nursing home. Some of this is due to the advances in medicine that have provided remedies for many of the diseases that were primary causes of death in former times. A side effect of this good news is people have been separated from their own mortality and that of loved ones and have been unable to talk bout it easily. Death Cafes provide a space to talk about it, to help connect to your mortality so you can live more fully in the moment and be able to think about your relationship with death. As David Kessler says in his workshops on the needs of the dying and grief and bereavement; “Despite medical advances, the death rate is still 100%.”

Please join us. Please contact Robin’s Nest to let them know you are coming so they can have enough cake and other refreshments.

Temple of Witchcraft