Spells for a Better World: Protection of Wildlife Bottle

We at the Temple of Witchcraft have been looking for ways to do outreach so our distant members can feel more connected to the greater work of the Temple. The Pisces ministry presents a full moon circle here at the Temple’s home in Salem, New Hampshire, every month. This year our focus for those moon circles is spell-work. We were inspired to produce some spells for the Temple full moons and to make them available to all our initiates and friends to join us. Each of spell has the intention of creating a better world for us all. You may feel free to join us as is appropriate for your own circumstances. You might join us for all of them or just a few. We hope you will take us up on this opportunity to join in on the Great Work.

Since we are doing spells, each one may require you to get supplies ready to cast the spell with us. All the necessary supplies for the next month are listed in the postscript of the month before to give you time to acquire them. We have attempted to make them as simple, but still effective, as possible to make these available to the most people.

We will also be working with the thirteen goals of the witch in person and in our journals throughout the lunar month. We will provide some journal prompts for you if you want to join in.

Register here to join us in person in Salem, NH!

Goal of the witch: Know Yourself

  • Who are you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What word or phrase best describes you?
  • In this moment what do you need?
  • In this moment who are you becoming?
  • What is your wisdom to share?

Bottle Spell: Protection of Wildlife

A bottle spell is an act of both sympathetic and correspondence magic. All the things that go into the bottle are focused toward the intention. Usually something that represents, has been touched, or was a part of the subject of the spell is included in the bottle.

In this case of a spell for wildlife protection we are looking to add three of these kind of objects: one each for animals of the sky, land, and sea. For sky you could put a small feather, a picture of a bird, a butterfly wing, an origami crane, or anything that represents an animal of the sky to you. For land, you could put in some hair from a beast of the land, a picture of an animal of the land, or anything that represents a creature of the land. For sea you could put in a shell, a scale, a picture of a fish, or anything that says creature of the sea to you. These are your representations of the wildlife to be protected.

To bring protection, we place things that correspond to protection into the bottle. Any herbs of protection, iron nails, sharp objects like pins, thorns, broken pieces of glass, you could even put in stones of protection. Each one is to be charged before it gets put into the bottle for the intention of protecting wildlife from harm.

When you place the charged items into the bottle and it is ready you can close the bottle and say the charm over it. Seal the bottle, saying the charm again. When done take this bottle out to a place in nature and bury it, saying the charm one last time.

I conjure thee o’ bottle charm
To protect the wildlife from all harm
Wild ones be safe and strong
Grow and flourish where you belong
Animal siblings in sky, land, or sea
Be sheltered by this magic, blessed be!

Postscript: For the next moon you will need paper, pens, and scissors.

Temple of Witchcraft