Spells for a Better World: Justice for the Wronged

We at the Temple of Witchcraft have been looking for ways to do outreach so our distant members can feel connected to the greater work of the Temple. The Pisces ministry presents a full moon circle here at the Temple’s home in Salem, New Hampshire, every month.

This year our focus for those moon circles is spell work. We were inspired to produce some spells that will be used at the Temple full moons and make them available to all our initiates and friends to join us. Each of spell has the intention of creating a better world for us all. You may feel free to join us as is appropriate for your own circumstances. You might join us for all of them or just a few. We hope you will take us up on the opportunity to join in on the Great Work.

Since we are doing spells, each one may require you to get supplies ready to cast the spell with us. All the supplies for the next month are listed in the postscript of the month before to give you time to acquire any necessary supplies. We have attempted to make them as simple, but still effective, as possible to make these available to the most people.

We will also be working with the thirteen goals of the witch in person and also in our journals throughout the lunar month. We will provide some journal prompts for you if you want to join in.

Libra astrological Blue Full Moon

Goal of the witch: Keep your thoughts in good order and keep your words in good order

This month we focus in on our words and thoughts.

  • Have you said or thought things you regret in the past moon cycle?
  • What would you change about those thoughts or words?
  • Do you use your words to bolster the people around you?
  • What affirmations could you use to change the thoughts in your head?

Justice for the Wronged

This month’s spell intention is to help those who have been wronged in our law and order systems. Wrongly accused, misuse of the law, and anything that is an injustice.

This spell can be adapted to your own resources and spiritual style.

Seven day tarot candle variation: You will need an image of the Justice card from the tarot. I printed this one out from Wikipedia. If you are not an internet savvy sorcerer you can use an actual Justice card (see that variation below). Now take out your markers. I used a metallic copper-colored sharpie cause I am a Libra and I like things pretty. To magically justify my Libra-like choice, copper is ruled by Venus which also rules Libra which is the moon we are casting in. You can use any color you want or the one you have on hand for this.

I wrote on the card image. “For the wronged…Justice”. You could adapt it to any group you think has been wronged if you want to focus on a particular group of the wronged. For example: For the people of Flint, Michigan, for separated immigrant families, for trans people, etc. I wrote “for the wronged” because it does cover everyone wronged. If the witch’s flame within your heart calls to you to focus it more or differently, do so.

After it dries Modge Podge or glue it to a seven day candle. Let this dry for about a day or so. When you’re ready to burn it you can take a small nail and make some holes in the top of the candle to let the oil sink deeper into the candle and then anoint the top of the candle with an appropriate justice oil. If you have time and resources look for a blend like Truth and Justice oil, Justice oil, Black Hawk oil, Fiery Wall of Protection oil, Van Van oil, or just plain old protection oil to anoint the candle with. If you are low on supplies or time to get them some blessed olive oil will do.

In your circle, charge the candle to bring justice for the wronged then light it, chanting the following or something like it nine times:

Divine Lady Justice, Hear our plea
Empower the wronged, and set us free.

Release the cone of power with the word “Justice.”

A Justice card you want back and other type of candle variation: Take the Justice card and on top of it put a sticky note that says “for the wronged” or your own focus group. Place it under a clear glass plate so you can see the card but it can’t get any errant wax on it. Place the candle in a holder on top of the plate and anoint it with your justice oil of choice. Recite the chant above or one of your own. After the candle is done, burn the sticky note.

A janky Justice card from a deck you should have gotten rid of long ago variation: Most pagans have a deck that didn’t live up to expectation, don’t just throw it away, use its parts like a carrion crow as tarot magic components! In this one you write on the Justice card. Place it without a plate under the candle. Anoint, light, chant, release, and then burn the card in a safe vessel (preferably outside) when you’re done. (Also, don’t breathe in the smoke from the card, who knows what they are treated with.)

Blessed Be,
Adam Sartwell

Post script: For next month’s spell you will need some fresh roses, a bowl, and some water. If you want to be fancy with it you could also get some rose hydrosol.

Temple of Witchcraft