Profile: Raye Snover, editor


I’m Raye Snover and along with my esteemed colleague, novelist Tina Whittle, I am co-editor of The Temple Bell. I’ve been studying Witchcraft for over twenty years and am a High Priestess in the Cabot Traditon and a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon.  I live in New York City where in my more mundane life I am a supermarket manager and freelance writer. My work has appeared in The New York Times and The New York Daily News, in addition to some local music and art magazines, where my concentrations included book and music reviews along with profiles.

A voracious reader, I’m never happier than being surrounded by books, unless indulging my other great love—travel. There is something special about being in a place that you’ve always read about or visiting a sacred sight you’ve only seen in pictures. When the two coincide it’s magical.

I became drawn to the Temple of Witchcraft while studying Witchcraft III in the Cabot Tradition with a Temple member and attending some classes of Christopher Penczak’s. When The Temple Bell was created with its great original editor Ruby Sara, I started writing for it. After Ms. Sara left for other pursuits, Tina and I were teamed up and it’s been a rewarding collaboration. I think it is a nice balance, Tina is so talented and nice she is able to soften my harder edges and make my own work better.

The privilege of working on The Temple Bell, is to read eveyone’s personal stories and spotlight-deserving members of the Temple. Also it gives new writers a place to publish their work and get that all important “first clip,” to start up their publishing ventures. In turn we are hopefully helping them grow as writers and become more confident. For the future, I’d like to see The Temple Bell increase its  writers and submissions to reflect the wonderful diversity of the Temple.

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