New Healing List Form

An important element of the work of Witchcraft is healing (“Witches heal” as the saying goes). As a service to our community, the Virgo Ministry maintains an online list of people in need of healing light and energy.

If you want to place your name or that of someone else onto the healing list (with their permission) please send use the new Temple Healing List form to submit the full name and place of residence (town or city, state, and country, if outside the United States). The list is made up each new moon, and the previous list will be replaced on the new moon each month. If you want a name on the new list, please send the request and information again before the next new moon.

Please note: the information on the healing list is publicly available, and searchable, like most information on our site. If you do not want a recipient’s name publicly associated with the Temple, we respect their right to privacy, but ask that you seek other, more private, healing work for them in that case.

Temple of Witchcraft