How Speaks the Wind

How Speaks the Wind?

by Christopher Crittenden

How speaks the wind through willow tree?
Like a beached fish gasping, in terror spent?
Its mind a ball of tangled string,
For fear and dread shall ne’er relent.
Or speaks it thus; an ancient knowing?
Like a stone upon a field of war,
Where men died, grain they now are sowing,
And banshee’s cry is heard no more.
Perhaps it whispers like a lover
To calm the soul with passion’s fire
Upon the skin, caress of clover
Aching dance of heart’s desire
For me, the wind a strange friend be
And I, too, stranger become
Full sails, slipping ‘pon the sea
Forever bound for home…

Christopher Crittenden has been a pagan and witch since 1983. He was initiated as a Priest into Seahold Sanctuary Coven in Waveland, MS, which manifested into the Covenant of the Labyrinth. Christopher is a member of The Temple of Witchcraft, the Ancient Order of Druids in America, Ar nDraoicht Fein and the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.

A shamanic practitioner, his practice is based on his experience of Eclectic Wicca, Traditional British Isles Witchcraft, the Western Mystery Tradition, Chaos Magic, Shamanism and Druidry. As a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with an MA in Teaching Language, he speaks several languages and he has published an essay in the anthology To Fly By Night.