Temple Healing List

Updated list on 6/26/2017

In the name of the Great Spirit, the Goddess, and the God, we ask that those whose names are listed here be restored to complete health on all levels. We call on their healing guides to surround them and help guide this healing. May they receive this healing for their highest healing good, harming none, with free will to all. We thank the gods for all healing and favors.

  • Gaines, Lafreeta, Oxford, MS, United States
  • Clarke, Eala, Chalfont, PA, USA
  • Largaespada, Hugo, Perris, CA, USA
  • McKenna, Susan, Exeter, NH, USA
  • Eden, Bridget, Franklin, MA, USA
  • Violet, Sage, Fitchburg, MA, USA
  • Violet, River Gabriel (unborn baby), Fitchburg, MA, USA
  • Nazarenko, Tamara, Odessa, Odesskaya, Ukraine
  • Nazarenko, Larisa, Odessa, Odesskaya, Ukraine
  • Elliott, Elsa, Maynard, MA, United States
  • Kenson, Steve, Salem, NH, USA
  • Sartwell, Adam, Salem, NH, USA

So mote it be!