Registration for the 2022-2023 Temple Mystery School Courses is now open!

The Temple offers four years of guided personal study in the Temple Tradition of Witchcraft, available through online year-long courses through our school. We are now taking applications for levels one through four online, and offer one year four in-person (COVID health conditions permitting) in Salem, NH taught by Temple co-founder Christopher Penczak. This year, our online level one class will have an optional live Zoom component for the first time ever. Classes run from September 2022 to August 2023, with an audio lecture, supplemental material and monthly assignments.

For those who prefer to learn at their own pace, we have a brand new class, The Pillars of the Witches’ Temple, a 20-lesson self-paced online course with no monthly homework required.

For more information, visit the Online Mystery School page and the Pillars of the Witches Temple page.

New Lead Ministers Announcement

The Temple of Witchcraft board of directors is pleased to announce that High Priestess Matooka Moonbear has been confirmed as the new lead minister of the Temple’s Pisces Ministry and High Priest Jason Gamache has been confirmed as the new lead minister of the Temple’s Taurus Ministry.

Matooka Moonbear has over thirty years experience as a priestess, diviner, and healer. A graduate of the Temple’s seminary program, she previously served as lead minister of the Temple’s Cancer Ministry. Matooka served as a deputy minister for Pisces for several years prior to taking on this new role.

Jason Gamache is a graduate of the Temple’s seminary program and a former Pilgrim of the Sun and Stars. Prior to accepting the lead minister role, Jason worked as a volunteer in Taurus Ministry, particularly on the Green Man Grotto sacred space on the Temple’s land in Salem, New Hampshire.

Both new lead ministers will be installed in their roles at the Temple’s public Beltane ritual on April 30th, 2022.

Witchcraft I–III classes in Los Angeles

The Temple’s Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce registration is open for level I through III Mystery School classes in-person in Northest Los Angeles, California, with High Priest Scott K. Smith. Interested students should visit the Witchcraft I, Witchcraft II, or Witchcraft III pages for class details and links to online applications.

2022 New Year Message

While the Witches’ new year is Samhain, I’ve always felt the time between Samhain and Yule is a time between, a time before the new solar year for resting, reflecting, dreaming, and planning before the solar and secular New Year.

Now we enter into the new and we want to share with you some plans for the year. Our plans to celebrate Yule in-person here in New Hampshire were cancelled by bad weather and looming concerns about the omicron variant. Temple leadership continues to keep a close eye on recommendations and best-practices to keep everyone in our community safe. We have continued our online Sabbats for those not near any local Temple of Witchcraft community and plan to move forward offering sabbat rituals both online and (eventually) in-person. You can find more about our sabbats and other events here.

We are nearing the time of our second annual online gathering of TempleHearth, with an online Imbolc ritual included. Registration is still open to enjoy our many presenters, specifically from our community. Our hope is TempleFest will be in-person again this coming August.

We obtained bids for the approved plans to build our Community Center and will be unrolling our ambitious multi-year fundraising efforts for it, as the price of modern town-approved structures is estimated as 1.7 million dollars, but this fulfills our mandate to create accessible community resources that will last for generations of Witches and Pagans. Those who want to make a direct donation here can do so and mark the donation “community center” in the note. A video presentation at TempleHearth will unveil some of the designs for the Community Center.

Plans continue with our development of the land, trails, and future ritual and healing sites on the property and we have Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani coming out to New Hampshire in April to educate us more on the sacred geometry and energetic forces of the land. Workshop is open to the public and can be found here.

And for those interested in starting or continuing their education in the Temple online, we continue to offer courses and classes, such as the upcoming Path of the Moon year-long course. The current session of the Temple Mystery School ends in March, with registration opening for the September 2022 session soon thereafter, in the Spring of this year. The Temple of Witchcraft series of books continues to be updated with 20th Anniversary Editions, including a forthcoming The Outer Temple of Witchcraft, and I know the Mystery School staff and I look forward to entering a new era of our education with you all.

Looking forward to an exciting new year with everyone as we move into 2022! 2022 is a six year (2+0+2+2=6) and in the Tree of Life six is the number of the Sun. Together let’s invoke a year of health, happiness, harmony, and prosperity for all.

Blessed be,

Christopher Penczak
Co-Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft

New Texas Mystery School Classes

The Temple’s Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce the opening of three new in-person Mystery School classes in Porter, Texas (near Houston): Witchcraft I, Witchcraft III, and Witchcraft V, taught by Temple High Priestess Airmid Plantwalker. See the individual class pages for details, dates, class fee, and links to the online application forms.

Please note these are in-person classes, open only to students able to attend the classes in the Houston, Texas, area. Applications for the next year of online Mystery School classes will open in the Spring of 2022. Those interested in being notified when online registration opens should visit the Education page and sign up for our first-call list.

The Great Pumpkin Project

Last year was our first ever Great Pumpkin Project. It was extremely popular and gave us all a sense of connection we sometimes lack with our community only doing online events. I know it made my spirits soar to see all the creativity in our community. To lift our spirits again during the week of Samhain, from October 25th to the 31st, we invite you to join us in the Temple’s Great Pumpkin Project! To safely help our community feel more connected during Samhain we invite you to bring a carved pumpkin to place on the front garden wall of the Temple grounds:

We are open for you to drop off of your pumpkin during the daylight hours the week before Samhain: October 26–31. Everyone on the property must use appropriate precautions for your safety. If you are unvaccinated wear a mask and maintain at least six feet of distance for the safety of our community.

Your carved pumpkin will be lit by the founders for the week of Samhain. We will light them all at dusk and put them out in the morning. To help facilitate this, you can order some electric tea lights from our Amazon wish list and offer a little literal light to the community!

Please remember we are a religious nonprofit and you can have a portion of your purchase donated to the Temple through the Amazon Smile program. (You can even use a browser extension like Smilematic to help remind you!)

The founders will take photos of the carved pumpkins to share on the Temple’s social media throughout the week and you are welcome to do the same! Everyone is encouraged to drive by at night to see the pumpkins lit up even if they didn’t place a pumpkin.

Those who come by to drop off a pumpkin or just visit to see the carved pumpkins are welcome to take an envelope with a tarot card and a Witchy wisdom saying for your fortune for the coming year.

Though this Great Pumpkin Project is focused on our local community we encourage distant members to share their carved pumpkins on social media and with the community using the hashtag #TOWpumpkin


  • We are a 501(c)3 religious nonprofit and can’t legally have political endorsements or commentary at the Temple, even in pumpkin form. So please don’t bring them.
  • The Temple founders reserve the right to remove any contribution that is problematic for any reason. Spooky, witchy, and fanciful pumpkin carvings are welcome, but please keep them in good taste.
  • All pumpkins will be farm-fed to cows after the week is done. So please don’t use any chemicals on your pumpkin that would harm the cows! (No, this is not where pumpkin lattes come from, but I like the way you think…)

The cows love the treat of our pumpkins!

  • Place your pumpkins only in the daytime before sunset. Anyone who comes after dark could be considered a pumpkin smasher and the police will be called.
  • The three best carved pumpkins selected by the founders will be displayed on our social media. Winners receive year-long bragging rights. Here are our winners from last year! 


Request for Rites of Passage Online Form

The Temple’s Capricorn Ministry has added a Request for Rite of Passage form to our website, whereby members of the community can contact them seeking particular rites of passage (see our Services page for details). Capricorn Ministry can then make referrals to available Temple ministers. While we cannot fulfill all rites of passage requests—as there may not be an available Temple minister for the place, time, or ritual requested—we will do our best to do so. Those with questions can follow-up at

Energetic Geometry Weekend Workshop

With Special Guest Teachers: Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani

The Temple of Witchcraft will be hosting a weekend intensive with Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani, the founders of Energetic Geometry, co-authors of Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life and teachers of the master-builder traditions that are the foundation of sacred temple construction around the world.

As we look towards the development of the land we steward here in Salem, NH, we look to the wisdom of the experienced builders of sacred geometrical sites. They will be offering:

How to Heal your Home

Weekend Workshop – East Coast Training
April 22–24, 2022

Over three days, you will learn these practical, effective and proven techniques and tools to harmonize your home:

  • Body dowsing.
  • Basic energetic solar geometry.
  • How to draw and calculate the solsticial quadrilateral for your latitude.
  • How to preform earth acupuncture to neutralize water veins and faults.
  • How to harmonize the energy of your bed.
  • Earth Energies

Explore How the Energies of the Earth Affect Us

  • Subterranean influences – Explore how they affect your health and how to neutralize them with earth acupuncture.
  • Surface influences – Hartmann Nets are filled with electricity and are everywhere. Learn how to make them vanish.
  • Your bed is the most important place in your home – learn how to make it a place of rest and restoration.
  • Dowsing for water

The Secret Weapon to Harmonize the Energies of Your Home

You will discover the magical healing qualities of the solsticial quadrilateral. You will experience the energetic healing qualities found in a solsticial quadrilateral, which is a big ‘aha’ moment for students. You will learn how to draw the solar mandala of your home and latitude. It is connected with the solar rhythms and the energy of the earth. It is a harmonious space and is considered a living structure. Your energy recharges inside. You are connected to the cosmos and earth. The energy inside feels good, balanced, and harmonious. Plants grow better, animals and humans are relaxed and happier. It is a sacred space and helps us access a stronger and clearer connection to spirit.

After this weekend workshop you will have all the tools to Heal your Land ~ Heal your Home ~ Heal yourself.

This 3-day workshop will be held at Grandview, home of the Temple of Witchcraft, in Salem, New Hampshire, only 50 minutes from Boston Logan International Airport, 25 minutes from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. This weekend provides the foundation for deeper training and the construction of sacred spaces, stone circles, and harmonizing your home inside and out.

$299. For more details and to register, please visit to register directly with them.

See more of the work and webinars at:

Mystery School Roundup

With a new year of online Mystery School classes beginning, as well as advanced classes like the Society of the Temple, it seemed a good time as we look forward to the year ahead to take stock of the “in-person” Mystery School courses being offered by Temple teachers as well.

That “in-person” is in quotes, of course, because these courses are planned to be held online for now as a covid-19 precaution, but will hopefully transition back to being held in-person once it is safe to do so. For that reason, only students who will be able to attend these classes in-person should apply—these are not a substitute for the Temple’s online Mystery School program! If you want to be on the “first-call list” for when online Mystery School registration reopens, please sign up here.

Visit the individual class pages for more information about these upcoming classes, including registration information and links.

Witchcraft One

  • Southwest Houston, TX with HPS Airmid Plantwalker: Class begins in June 2021, registration closes in May.

Witchcraft Two

  • Glastonbury, CT with HP Dan Lupacchino: Class begins in March 2021, registration closing soon!
  • Southwest Houston, TX with HPS Airmid Plantwalker: Class begins in June 2021, registration closes in May.

Witchcraft Three

  • Los Angeles, CA with HP Scott K. Smith: Class begins in March 2021, registration closing soon!
  • St. Louis, MO with HPS Kelley Ross: Class begins in May 2021.

Witchcraft Four

  • Bellingham, MA with HP Adam Sartwell: Class begins in May 2021, registration closes in April.
  • Southwest Houston, TX with HPS Airmid Plantwalker: Class begins in June 2021, registration closes in May.
  • Porter, TX with HPS Virginia Villarreal: Class begins in June 2021.

Witchcraft Five

  • Salem, NH with HPS Alix Wright: Class begins in March 2021, registration closing soon!
  • Columbia, MO with HPS Cat Kelley: Class begins in April 2021.
  • Porter, TX with HPS Virginia Villarreal: Class begins in May 2021.

Witchcraft I Online Registration to Close Early

Due to the unusually high volume of applications for the March 2021 session, exceeding the number of positions in the class, we are planning to close registration for the online session of Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple earlier this year, by the end of November 2020, to give us time to process all of the applications.

We limit the number of people in this already very large class because there is required monthly homework where each student is paired with a mentor and/or teaching assistant who offers feedback. We are looking for students up to the challenge of such work and interested in progressing through the system and potentially being involved in the greater community of the Temple of Witchcraft. Please realize that if you are not serious about the work, you could be taking a space away from someone who is. If you haven’t read about the general ethos of our Mystery School, please visit the Education page of our website and read about it in detail.

If you have some prior experience and are not looking for the pace of a monthly homework-required degree course, please check out our Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year course. We’ll also be reopening the Path of the Moon course for next spring. These are low-pressure, go at your own pace classes. While filled with meditations, exercises, and rituals, nothing is required to be submitted for review.

The Temple also offers a variety of one-time events, festivals, rituals, and short series classes available at various times on our website, social media, and newsletter. We try to accommodate various levels of learning and committment. If you are ready for a long-term course with monthly accountability, we look forward to your application before registration closes. If you have applied and have not yet sent in your deposit, please do so, or your application won’t be processed. If you are not accepted, your deposit will be returned. If you have applied, but have not heard back from us, please be patient, as we have a lot of applications to process!

Thank you so much and we are looking forward to the next year together in the Temple Mystery School.