In-person Witchcraft I–IV in Porter, TX

The Sagittarius Ministry of the Temple is pleased to announce the opening of new upcoming levels of Witchcraft I, II, III, and IV in Porter, Texas. Taught by High Priestess Virginia Villareal, these classes begin in November, January, August, and February, respectively, and are now available for registration. Virginia is also offering a seven-session in-person Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year class, starting in November of 2019.

Please see the individual class pages from our Education page for details or, to inquire or register directly, please e-mail

New Wheel of the Year class in Los Angeles

The Temple’s Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce that High Priest Scott Smith will be offering the Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year class in-person at A Love Bizarre, 3042 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039, beginning November 14, 2019. Visit the class page for all of the dates, details, and a link to the registration form.

Scott is a Healer, Writer, Witch, and High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, working as a mentor and Teaching Assistant in the Temple’s Mystery School. In Los Angeles Scott runs a healing practice including energy arts (such as reiki), body work, ritual healing, meditation, public ritual, teaching groups and studies. With local healers and friends growing a community of diverse spiritual people, witches, and healers. Their business, Temple Los Angeles, is about the connecting to the magickal in the city of LA, in the spirit of love, will, and wisdom.

Intuitive Development 101 Class in New York

Did you ever feel like you knew something before it happened or did you ever feel a little different because you felt things but you didn’t think others felt them and you were too afraid to talk about it? Well this class is for you! Everyone has the ability to be psychic. Join High Priestess Christine Krauss at the Crow’s Healing Nest in Greenville, NY, this November to talk about what it means to be psychic and why.

Visit the Intuitive Development 101 class page for details and online registration!

Update: Fundraiser for Elizabeth Graham

Doctors report that Elizabeth has survived injuries that are usually fatal. After life-saving surgery at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH, Liz was transported to a larger hospital via helicopter. Doctors followed up with exploratory surgery and closed up their incision days earlier than expected and have now removed a catheter and shoulder line.

Visitors report Liz is somewhat conscious, able to squeeze hands, wiggle their toes and open their eyes and indicate awareness even by attempting to smile with the breathing tube. They’ve indicated a desire for music and audio books, and staff indicated that the breathing tube should be able to come out soon. Doctors believe while they will have a long recovery ahead, that Elizabeth can make a full recovery.

The Temple community is profoundly grateful for all of the healing blessings and energies directed towards Liz’s recovery, and of all of the contributions towards their medical and personal expenses during this time. Please continue your healing work, if you are able. Our fundraiser will also remain open for anyone who feels moved to contribute.

Fundraiser for Elizabeth Graham

The morning of Sept 5, 2019, Elizabeth Graham experienced a major auto accident. Suffering broken ribs, a collapsed lung, lacerations to their spleen and liver, and internal bleeding, they continues to receive medical care and treatment for their injuries.

Pursing their dreams of a writing career and self-employed crafter, Liz currently has no medical insurance and needs our help. Beloved in many communities, we are asking for your contributions to held cover life expenses for Liz and their partner when such unforeseen events happen, and any final medical expenses not covered by the auto insurance.

Donations can be made to The Temple of Witchcraft as a 501(c)3 non-profit, of which Elizabeth is an initiate and leader, as we work with Liz and family during this difficult time. Please use the following donation button or send your donations to via PayPal with the note “Elizabeth Graham fund” (if you don’t use the PayPal links on this page).

Checks and money orders may be mailed to:

Temple of Witchcraft
attn: Elizabeth Graham fund
49 N. Policy St.
Salem, NH 03079

We will continue to update the community on Liz’s condition and recovery, and welcome your healing blessings and energies for their well-being.

Online registration for the Witchcraft II, III, and IV year-long courses has closed, as previously announced. Applications for the Witchcraft I online course will remain open for the remainder of today (August 12th) but will also be closed by August 13th. This is the last chance to register for this year!

Visit the Online Witchcraft I Registration Form to register.

In-person Witchcraft I – IV in Columbia, MO

The Sagittarius Ministry of the Temple is pleased to announce the opening of new levels of Witchcraft I, II, III, and IV in Columbia, Missouri. Taught by High Priestess Cat Kelly, these classes begin in October, November, December, and January, respectively, and are now available for registration.

Please see the individual class pages from our Education page for details or, to inquire or register directly, please e-mail

In-person Witchcraft I in Glastonbury, CT

The Temple’s Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce registration is open for a new Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple year-long apprenticeship class, offered with High Priest Dan Lupacchino in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

The class will be offered on Sunday afternoons from noon to 3:00 pm, starting in late October. For details and class dates, as well as more information about Witchcraft I and links to registration, please see the class page on our site.

The Temple’s Virgo ministry is pleased to offer a special limited edition fundraiser: Blood Moon Incense, blended and charged during the last lunar eclipse (or “blood moon”) to call for deep, personal transformation.

Only a small amount of this special incense was ritually crafted and charged here at the Temple and, when it’s gone, it’s gone, until the next blood moon offers us the opportunity to make more. Click the link to visit the Temple’s online store to place your order while our limited supply lasts!

All profits from the sale go to support the Temple of Witchcraft, a 501(c)3 religious nonprofit.

New Masculine Mysteries Class

The Temple’s Capricorn Ministry is pleased to announce that the class Exploring Four Archetypes of Mature Masculinity is open for registration and will begin this September.

In this monthly series of six classes, we will explore four archetypes of mature masculinity. We will delve into the concepts of the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover as four elements that, when combined in due measure, produce mature men of great value. Men who can effectively serve a community. Men who can effectively serve the world.

All genders are equally welcome to join us in this exploration, as are distance students who can attend the class via Zoom online videoconferencing rather than in-person.

Please visit the class page for details and a link to the online application form.